Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bundle of the Month!

I want to start this new year with fun new things to share to all of you lovely makers and inspiration seekers. For example, I'm startitng this new segment called "Bundle of The Month" which will feature 10 prints of fabrics with an adequate mood. For this month's bundle I wanted to go with the boho feel and choose 10 prints (with blenders) that resemble that feel. For the bundles that I will be curating each month, you will be inspired to create countless of interesting and unique projects. And well guess what? A lucky maker could be the winner of this stunning bundle. Continue reading to learn more ☺

My inspiration behind curating this bundle was solely and purely in the boho feel. As you know, my up-coming collection Indie Boheme is all about that and I am excited to show all of you my current obsession! The colors, textures and all in all aesthetics is what I am loving at the moment. I see so many projects with this bundle, mini quilts, clutches, heavily stitched pillows and much more.

 This bundle consists of 10 prints from Indie, Artisan, Heartland, Prisma Elements and Pure Elements. I added blenders so you can see how perfectly the match with the rest of the prints. I already have so many projects ideas with this bundle, it is out of this world!

What are your thoughts on this bundle? Would you create bohemian projects with it? If you want to be the lucky winner of these 10 prints of fabrics, make sure to fill the form below.

Giveaway will end next Friday at noon EST, GOOD LUCK! 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Indie Boheme

Hello everyone! 

I want to make this quick blog post to share with all of you some images of #IndieBoheme strike offs! I can't hardly wait for the advance yardage, totally excited! So I decided to take some snaps and share it with you guys. Indie Boheme is all about my love for faraway influences and bohemian style.

 When I receive the strike offs is usally just little pieces and if I'm lucky I get bigger ones. I am honestly thinking of creating something with theses beauties. I think I have enough for a mini quilt or small little project. No worries, I will share the tutorial and cute images. I want Indie Boheme to inspire you to create many creative projects because that also inspires me to create ☺

Here is the complete Indie Boheme collection and free pattern (will be available when the LookBook comes out) start thinking of all the cute projects that you are going to create with this collections. I am so giddy and excited! I have so many ideas for Indie Boheme, that I'm planning on involving some bloggers as well, so stay tuned!


Pat B. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quick DIY Notebook Cover

Hello everyone! 

How was everyone's holidays? I had so much fun with my loved ones that I am so energetic to start the 2017. Yesterday I was playing around with some of my Indie Boheme Fabrics strike offs and decided to created this wonderful Notenbook covers. I have a few that are so simple that I wanted to add some personality to them. I use lots of notebooks because I am constantly jotting down ideas, and that's even better to do in a pretty notebook.

I used Woodblock Spirit, Eternal Serenity Rose and Trekant Rows Candid, Mod Podge and brushes to spread the glue. 

Place the fabric as shown below, measurements may vary due to notebook size, in my case: Notebook measures 7'' by 10'' and the fabric quantity is 16'' by 12''.  Leaving 2'' on top and bottom and 1'' on the side. These added inches are for folding the notebooks. 

Spread the mod podge on top of the notebook and start covering the notebook (we will start with the cover) with fabric. Make sure to complete this step carefully that way we will prevent creases on the notebook. Complete this same step for the back of the notebook. Now that we have both front and back covered with the fabric, start by folding the extra fabrics, both in top, bottom and sides and adding mod podge as explained. 

And voila! You have a perfect and creative little notebook to jot down all your future projects!


Pat B.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Best of 2016

Hello makers! 

Wow, can you believe that 2016 is almost over? I can't, this year was so wonderful to me. I received so many blessings that I am more than grateful. The release of my collections was well received by all of you that fills my heart with love and happiness, thank you all so much for the love and support received this 2016.  I wanted to share with all of you some of my best blog posts of 2016!
If you want to re-read some of them, click on your prefer blog post!

And these are just some of them, lots of you really enjoyed and read lots of my blog posts and this makes me really happy. To know that there is someone on the other side of the screen always caring for me and willing to learn a bit more of my creative world means a  lot to me, thank you thank you!!


Pat B. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Coasters

Hello everyone!

The clock is ticking and the holidays are just around the corner, how exciting? Like I promised before, more cute and adorable projects for the holidays are promptly coming your way, like these Christmas Coasters! I had so much fun creating them and let me tell you, they are way to easy and fun to make. And in you have an amazing machine, it's even funner! I created these cuties using my always reliable BERNINA 790, and let me tell you, sewing with this machine is like sewing in the clouds, I love it!

I have created the complete and detailed instructions here along with the free downloadable paper piecing templates. Make sure to check the instructions because BERNINA is hosting a GIVEAWAY with Heartland Fabrics! So prepare to have an amazing dinner table this Christmas with these stunning coasters! 

Happy sewing,