Sunday, April 13, 2014

BERNINA Faceplate Face-off last 2 days

She would have loved to sew her dresses with this machine... don't you think?

I know, I know... I've been asking to vote for me too many times! But, like I told you before... I would love my design to win!

You were so nice and did it! I can't thank you enough for being so patient voting for me every day since the contest began. What else I can ask from all of you, my lovely friends?

Only one more thing. One more push! We still have 2 more days until it closes (4/14), so head over to the Bernina USA Facebook page and VOTE FOR MY DESIGN You can win this amazing machine (mrsp- $1,899)

Comment that you voted for me here on my blog and you also will be entered for a giveaway to win a RAPTURE bundle. Remember, 2 winners will be chosen. The more votes, the more chances for you to win!  

So, just one more push! 

Xo, Pat

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quilt accidents do happen


A few weeks ago could finally start this table runner made with my Rapture fabrics, and God knows I would have liked to finish it in 2 days at the most! With Quilt Market getting closer on the horizon, the perspectives of finishing were washing away little by little. So I took the decision to be patient and work with the small amounts of time I could find. Anyways I wanted to take couple of pics from the process.

After being pieced, quilted, trimmed and ready to be bound, I just found out that the width of the runner was 12". I went to my kitchen table to try it and looked so thin!! The first seconds were a feeling of panic...  Luckily for me, I didn't add any backing yet :)

Thinking about a quick and easy solution for a couple of days, I managed to sew (side to side) two strips of batting 2" wide on each side with a zig-zag stitch (4.0 width). I thought that if it crossed the finished side of the runner just by a little, then I could piece a 2 1/4" of fabric on top, and it wouldn't be visible when I pressed it open (I was sewing with a 1/4" seam).

It actually worked! And... I could add a contrasting floral fabric as a border. Then, I decided to follow the same steps adding strips on the extremes. For the backing, I've selected two different fabrics joined in stripes (to have a reverse side I could use). Then I tried to mimic the straight quilting I did for the body of the runner.

The binding choice was a modern geometric dot that could look good against the floral. Retro Pop Mint, from my Carnaby St. collection .

I love how the binding looks! Of course... by hand (one my favorite steps)

Pure joy when I used for the first time!

Quilt accidents do happen, but nothing that a big dose of a desire to make it work and another one of love can't solve :)

Did you happen to have a similar moment of panic as I did?

Xo, Pat

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trendy yet Timeless: my Essentials fabrics are here!

Hello and happy quilting Thursday!

I am thrilled to officially release my new Essentials line for Art Gallery FabricsFirst I want to take the time to thank you for all your amazing comments and all the love you show for me and for my work. It's a great feeling to make fabric collections that bring joy to all your projects. And it makes me truly happy to see you welcome them into your lives. You make my cheeks blush many times with so much love; thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best! 

This time I wanted to go over many of your favorite prints and put them together in trendy yet timeless color palettes to offer endless possibilities when combining with my main fabric collections. Modern quilting is very popular nowadays and more two-tone or tonal prints are showing on the market horizon, so I thought you may like to see these kind of prints from me. I asked many of you and your response convinced me I was on the right track. 

This is the first time I produce a group of "blenders" like this, and I was a little afraid that you may not accept them for they are not my usual full lines, but I am so happy that you like them that much!

I've made many projects so you can step into the world of Essentials through this Lookbook. It has direct links to all the sources to buy online; patterns (some of them FREE) and even the fabrics. One stop and shop! So click on the link above and let me know if you like the projects that I've put for you :)

Essentials is made up of five prints in multiple colors:
Girl About Town:

Mint, Navy, Rouge, Lime, Orange, Rose

Passionate Spirit:

Water, Mist, Teal, Berry, Salmon, Peach


Indigo, Ocean, Festival, Coral


Deep, Bright, Sweet, Terra


Dust, Night, Pink, Golden

My Quilting Heart Box by Aurifil is great to combine with this collection. Great for quilting (of course) and sewing. So start filling your canvases with joyful projects made with Essentials!

I really hope you like my new line as much as I do, and let me know which prints you like the best. Stay tuned for more inspirational posts featuring Essentials because I can't imagine my life without sewing and I bet neither you can!


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

From me with eLove! April 2014

Happy April lovelies! I can't believe we are officially in Spring; time flies when we are having fun!

I was thinking what could be more representative of the spring season and I thought nothing can be better than this image inspired by Rapture collection. Tiny little flowers from Delicate Femme Apricot are combined with a watercolor look for a soft and refreshing background that will reflect calm and happiness every time you look at it. You have the option to use it with our without this month's calendar. I hope you enjoy it!

with calendar
1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1440 | iPad

without calendar
1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1440 | iPad | iPhone | iPhone5 | Droid

Enjoy this lovely April & Happy Sewing!


Friday, March 28, 2014

BERNINA and a garden

Happy Friday to all!

A MILLION thanks to all of you that are voting for me every day! This mean the world to me and I can't express how happy you make me liking my design. Thank you :-)

Now I have a nice pic to share with you...
I know that my florals don't compare to these beautiful flowers at the Queen Mary garden in UK, but I humbly think that are good enough to be printed on the BERNINA plate... if you help me to win!

So, remember to VOTE FOR ME on Faceplatefaceoff going to the BERNINA Facebook page! You register once and can vote everyday. The more votes = the more chances you win this awesome sewing machine :)

They now changed the system, and you don't need to register every time you vote; now you have to do that once and can vote everyday with a click. Cool, right?

So I please ask you to keep VOTING for ME :)

Xo, Pat