Monday, June 12, 2017

EPP Party Week 7 Plus and Plus Block

It's party time lovelies!

I cannot believe we are in Week 7 already! Time sure does fly when you are having a great time. I have to stop here and just say how happy I am with all of the wonderful makers that are sewing along with us to make our #EppParty the party of the year! Waking up every day to see the amazing WIPs posted on the #EppParty hashtag is really rewarding and puts a massive smile on my face, again thank you and let's continue the party! If you haven't joined the party yet, click on this link to know everything about how to join.

Now it is time for Block #4 called Plus and Plus! Fun, right?

It looks very simple but you can do many fabric combinations for this block. You can fussy cut, or piece different fabrics by machine to have the base fabric to glue each paper. In my sample, I decided to create a unique color combination using Indie Boheme Fabrics. What do you think? I honestly can't wait to see all the blocks together! The Plus and Plus block is so easy to make and fun as well. Make sure to download the Template (here with the blue link) to start creating yours. 

Let's Talk About Prices! 

Prices for this week come from the amazing Paper Pieces. They are giving away The Patchwork Collection Piece Pack, how cool is that? Also Mister Domestic will be curating a bundle of 24 FQ fabrics from AGF as part of the prices.

But let's not forget about last week winner, which is @rhondawilhit!

Are you ready to begin Block #4? I know I want to make it in another color combination, any suggestions? 

Ok makers, get your sewing on in...3,2,1 GO!


by Mister Domestic.

Now for most of you, the house shape is 1/8″ too long. We wanted to use preexisting shapes for the first six blocks, so if you used our template or got your pieces from Paper Pieces, the base of the house is 1 3/4″ but the sides are 1 7/8″. Measure yours and then make a couple pluses and put them together to see. In the picture below, look near the glasses icon and you can see that there’s a smidge of excess.

So from each of the houses, trim 1/8″ like this.

Since the overall block size for the quilt is 12″ x 12″, you’ll need to either cut the papers before you baste or use the method I shared in a YouTube Video to square off he block after the fact. If you want to cut before (which I did), here are a couple pictures to show you what I did.

The natural edge of the papers when you put them all together is 12.25″ x 12.25″, so you’ll need to cut 1/8″ off that natural edge to get to the 12″ x 12″. If you do this, just make sure to keep track of where the piece go. I taped each plus together in the layout before I cut them, which made it easier to keep track for basting.


  1. I think the angle of the roof is off on the printable template. They don't come together in the center 😞

    1. Hi! The updated file is up ☺

    2. Thank you!! I really appreciate that you provide the templates 😀

    3. You are very welcome!!! Enjoy sewing!

  2. Yes, the pieces from the template definitely seem off a bit.

  3. Glad I am not the only one having this trouble! Any chance it will be reposted with the correct template? I am not sure how to tackle that. Thanks.

  4. Are the papers from correct?

    1. I just updated my blog post with an awesome EPP Hack regarding Paper Pieces ☺

  5. I have just started the EPP party (2018). Got block #4 today and I believe it is not the correct templets. The base measures 3" and sides 1.75"
    Nelda Copsey

    1. Hi Nelda! Yes, there was an issue with the printing of the blocks, but you can check above the hack Mister Domestic created for that issue! Have fun creating the EPPs!