Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pat Bravo Q&A - Ask me anything! My career, my life...

Hello my lovely people!

Not so long ago, I posted on Instagram a Q&A post where people could ask me anything they want. I have many new followers and maybe they didn't get to know me very well since they are new to my SM channels... Kind of a re-introduction of myself and what I do. I know that here in my blog may happen the same to some of you too!

I promised that all those questions will be also answered on a YouTube video with much more detail. It's very difficult to write long and elaborated answers on comments on Instagram! 😀 And I talk about everything: the journey of my career, what motivates me to design a fabric collection, and the challenges I'm facing on my physical and emotional health.

So... do you have some time to watch it now? I finally finished editing and it's ready with everything you want to know from me!! If you are ready, click on the following link:

If you are new to my YouTube channel go there and after watching the video, I invite you to subscribe hitting the "subscribe" button and also the bell on the lower right side of the video, to be notified of each new video from me. I'm planning to load you with lots of new content about quilting, sewing and things that interest me the most in the upcoming months.

Thank you for always being with me, you are the best!! 
xoxoxo, P

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Free Fun Printables!

Hello everyone! 

A few days ago, I was thinking what can I do to decorate my sewing room a little? Then I realized I have everything I need already but maybe few pictures frames will brighten up the room. I always believed that positive phrases can empower us. Especially, when you want to get into a creative mood. So, I created five picture frames with fun inspirational phrases for constant motivation! I placed them in my sewing room and I love how they look!  

And of course I want to share them with all of you so make sure to click the link below to download all 5 of them!

Picture Frame 1
Picture Frame 2
Picture Frame 3
Picture Frame 4
Picture Frame 5

So let's get printing and start decorating! 

Happy printing everyone and stay tuned for more awesome freebies!


Pat B.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Fashion and Indie Folk

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make this blog post for a long time now, but I finally took a little break from sewing and making fun YouTube videos and started typing away. As you all know, I love fashion and I seek inspiration for future collections on the latest fashion runways. Once my collection is finished, I refer to fashion runways and trends, once again, for my LookBook production.
For example, I created these stunning pair of jeans with my Khokhloma Burgundia print. I cut some of the big and small flowers and glued it to the jeans with fabric glue. I was inspired to do so by looking at some awesome fashion trends.  

When I design my collections, I focus on how these fabrics are going to be use for future makers. I want to make sure they can make their outstanding quilts as well as fabulous outfit. For example using Khokhloma Gloom and Flecks Indigo, I created this jacket, which perfect for a Sunday stroll.

So there you have it, a little bit of my inspiration when creating textile designs. Stay tuned for a new video coming up your way very soon. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell button to be notify of new awesome videos! 


Pat B.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tutorial Time! Rosemary's ♥ Quilt

Hello, hello everyone! 

I had been working so hard on my upcoming videos that I almost forgot to share this quick blog post! I must admit, I am having a blast filming and viewing the final result of my videos. Specially, I am so happy that I can connect with my lovely followers in another social platform, so excited for the upcoming videos! On today's post, I want to share this stunning Wall Art tutorial, isn't gorgeous? The Rosemary's ♥ quilt would be a perfect Vanlentine's Day project! So boho, so stylish, I love it and the best part is that it is a FREE pattern that you can download here!

The Rosemary's Heart Quilt is so fun to make, you guys are going to enjoy every minute sewing this beauty. So everyone, get those weekly calendars out and add this project on your to do list!

I hope you enjoy making this wall art, and place this stunner center staged on your home which will be a perfect conversation starter! 



Pat B. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Quilt Block of the Month "Eight Hands Around"

Hello lovelies! 

January is almost over but I did not forget about our "Quilt Block of The Month". I am having so much fun creating new content in my YouTube Chanel as well as my blog, it is really fun and relaxing to make them. This time around, I decided to create an "Eight Hands Around Quilt Block" in Youtube and think it's one of my favorites so far. I want to show you how simple and fun it is! Just click on the picture below to watch how to make it:

how to quilt - quilt block - pat bravo

Did you like the "giveaway surprise" I have at the end of the video? Yaaayyy! Last month, I had some little technical issues with the software I use for the giveaways. But fear not everyone, this time around all you need to enter is to leave a comment in the comment section on the YouTube video after watching to enter and that's it! You can write about the video, the fabrics, or anything you want to tell me! Preview of the giveaway down below:

Giveaway closed:
Congratulations Linda Williamson, you are the lucky winner!

I will announce a winner next Monday!

Good luck everyone!