Monday, May 15, 2017

EPP Party Week 3 Equilateral Block

Hello party goers!

Are you ready? One, two, three..... GO!!!!

How are you doing today? Excited, right? Well, Mister Domestic and I are more excited than you! Beyond excited! Today is week 3 and we are launching BLOCK 2 which we named: EQUILATERAL. So cool! Who has worked with epp triangles before?

This block is very simple but striking and goes really well if you plan to fussy cut or if you want to match fabrics when piecing.

Here is my block and how I planned the combination of prints. So sweet, I love it! As you know I've been using my new fabric line INDIE BOHEME, which is a new take on the Indie series. 

And look at this amazing block Mathew did matching the pattern of the fabric!!!! He is using fabrics from one of my recent lines DARE

Triangles and Squares are simple but they have their trick. Mister Domestic and I have a couple of amazing videos in store for you to help you with some tricks if you want to get it done in a snap!

If you want to cut your own, here are the templates you need to download.
Template 1 
Template 2

If you prefer to buy precuts, you can click on this link to get the EPPPARTY special kit sold at Paper Pieces. 

Of course this party is great because it comes with party favors. Drum rolls please....! 
The winner of the the prizes for Block 1 is Sandra Kaye! Congrats Sandra! 

For Block 2, we will be giving away a Fat Quarter Bundle curated by Mathew and this awesome sauce thread box from Aurifil.

Do you have questions or comments or tips? Hey, feel free to drop them in the comments. And don’t forget to use the #eppparty on Instagram to be eligible for the prizes!

So... let's make this #EPPParty more fun than ever!!!


  1. I'm new to EPP and have what may be a silly question.

    Why make a large triangle out of a square and two triangles? I can understand it from a normal quilting perspective, hst are easier to make if one side isn't already pieced. But for EPP, why not just use 2 lager triangles?

  2. Sandie!!! So excited for my friend😊

  3. Can you include a link to Paper Pieces? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Here is the link for Paper Pieces

  4. Could you add a link here to join the party?

    1. Hi! Here is the link

  5. Replies
    1. Hi! You can get Block 1 here:

  6. hi pat! thank you so much for adding the 'size marker' thingy, i had my templates printed and resized in no time :)
    i have to say i was disappointed with this block at first look, i mean, there are so many epp-specific blocks and shapes, and you choose something that can be sewn by machine? i admit, my bad - this block allows a lot of creativity... instagram is already filling with variation and different color arrangements , well done !

  7. I'm very late to the #eppparty but would love to give it a go. Unfortunately I cannot get the templates for blocks 2, 4, 5 and 11 (error 404). The other block templates work just fine. No worries if I've just missed the boat on this, I've got plenty to be on with!