Monday, August 21, 2017

EPP Party Week 17 Sugarwheel

Hello party goers!

How are we all enjoying this past week's Epp Party extravaganza? I know I am having a blast, I love making these little blocks but what I love the most is seeing all of you makers participating as well. Again and as always, thank you for coming to this party ☺
So without further ado, I present to you Block #9 Sugarwheel

Here are the templates

Template 1
Template 2
Template 3

A little tip when printing the templates. Always make sure to select "Actual Size" that way you will have the correct sizing of the templates. 

Let's Talk About Prizes 

This week's prize is a kit from  Tales of Cloth, can I please here you all scream... because I am!

This week, I have curated a fun bundle of fabrics for all of you. These colors make me want to sew!  Make sure to share your WIP on the Epp Party Hashtag (#EppParty) for a chance to win!

For this week, the lucky winner is Rachel H. Congratulations!!!


Pat B.


  1. Looks fantastic.Thanks for the templates.

  2. Hey Pat Im having trouble with this block!!! printed all the templates just as i have with all the other blocks and resized but my diamonds just do not match up and are not square with the other shapes either!!! argh!!! tried reprinting and using different print settings but still not right! what is the diamond meant to be measurement wise and can i buy a standard template in the UK??? gonna move on to block 10 and come back to this one! any help will be appreciated xx

    1. Hi Nicky, that is so odd, I just saw your DM as well. Try printing the template again and see, I move some things around, maybe that could have been the issue. It prints perfectly for me. Hope this helps ☺