Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Confection Kitchen Set / Free Project

Hi lovelies! Lately I've been busy working on designing and making projects with my most recent lines Rapture and Essentials (available at the end of March). I do have projects in store with Essentials, but I'll share those once you can get your hands on the fabrics. Today I made this Free Project post for you using Rapture.

Personally I love cooking and baking, although I must admit that recently I haven't been as active in the kitchen as I used to. Another little confession is that I created this initially for myself, as an incentive to start baking again all the dessert recipes passed down to me by my mother. Torta Bomba... yumm!

I thought it could make a great tutorial so here it is :)

There are two pieces in this set. A pot holder and a dish towel.


  1.       (2) 8 ½”  Square of  Saccharine Lemon (Rapture)
  2.       (1) 4 ½” x 6 ½” Rectangle of  Hypnotic Paramour (Rapture)
  3.       (1) 4 ½ "x 3 ½" Rectangle of   Delicate Femme Apricot (Rapture)
  4.       (1) 4 ½” x 3 ½” Rectangle of  Euphloria Viridian (Rapture)
  5.       (1) 8” x 6 ½”  Rectangle of  Saccharine Lemon (Rapture)
  6.       (1) 8 ½” x 1 ½” Strip of  Bonbons Cerise (Rapture)
  7.       (1) 4 ½” x 2” Strip of  Bonbons Cerise (Rapture)
  8.       (1) 16” x 2 ¼” Strip of  Bonbons Cerise (Rapture)
  9.       (1) 8 ½”  Square of  Batting
  10.       (1) 8” x 6 ½”  Rectangle of  Batting
  11.       (1) 1 ½” x WOF  Strip of  Saccharine Lemon (Rapture)


Take pieces 1 and place piece 9 in between them. Make sure that the right sides of pieces 1 are facing out. Measure 1" diagonally from one corner to start quilting. Quilt 45° lines 1" parallel to each other. Repeat the same process perpendicular to these lines.

Take piece 3 and 4 sew them together length wise. Take piece 2 and attach it on the left side of pieces 3 and 4. This will be the front part of the pot holder's pocket. For the back of the pocket we are using piece 5. Place piece 10 in between the front and back of the pocket and quilt it making small rectangles every ½” inside of each rectangle.

Make a ruffle with piece 8 by folding it in half and basting the open side. You can do this by hand or by setting the straight stitch of your machine at its longest. Pull the thread in order to gather the fabric until it measures the same as the pocket piece. Sew the ruffle on top of the pocket piece and bind it using piece 6.

Take piece 7 and fold it in half with the right side of the fabric facing in. Sew it length wise and turn it inside out.

Place the pocket piece on top of piece 1 aligning them at the bottom and bind them using piece 11. Leave an opening on the right top corner of the binding to insert piece 7 to create a hook. Voilà! 

And now for the dish towel:


  1.  (1) 17” x 21” Rectangle of  White Linen (Pure Elements collection)
  2.  (1) 21” x 27 ½” Rectangle of Saccharine Lemon (Rapture collection)
  3.  (2) 1 ½” x 21” Strip of Hypnotic Paramour Red  (Rapture collection)
  4.  (1) 4 ¾” x 21” Rectangle of Delicate Femme Apricot (Rapture collection)
  5.  (1) 4” x 21” Rectangle of Euphloria Viridian (Rapture collection)
  6.  (1) 2 ½” x WOF Strip of Bonbons Cerise (Rapture collection)
  7.  (3) 1 ½” strips of Saccharine Lemon (Rapture collection)
  8.  (1) Rectangle of Batting


This time we will start by making the ruffle. Grab piece 6 and follow the same instructions as the pot holder to create the ruffled strip. Sew the ruffle on top of piece 4. Align them at the top and sew 1/8" from the edge.

Start constructing the front side of the towel (follow the diagram). Attach piece 1 to one piece 3, then attach piece 4 (with the ruffle on it) to the previous sewn pieces. Take the other piece 3 that was left and  add it to the sewn pieces. Last but not least add piece 5 to the bottom of the sewn pieces.

Place the batting in between the front side of the towel and piece 2 align the three pieces. Now it's time to quilt. For the top part I made a diagonal grid pattern to match the one on the pot holder. Each line is 1 ¾” apart from the previous one. For the bottom parts that are not Hypnotic Paramour Red I did echo quilting, one rectangle within another 1/2" apart. As decorative stitches and to create texture I added (by hand) diagonal stitches with black embroidery thread on top of the Hypnotic Paramour Red.

To finish use piece 7 as the binding for your dish towel.


And we are done! I truly hope this gets you inspired both to sew and to bake. I will try to share more pics of what I bake, but bear with me, I'm also cooking more things for you lol.

Happy sewing,


  1. Your pot holder and dish towel are very pretty and would make a very nice gift! Thank you for the very nice and easy to understand tutorial!

    1. Thank you, Sheri! It makes me glad to hear that it's easy to follow, and yes a kitchen linens lover like me will be thrilled with this as a gift!

  2. I was trying to figure out what to take over to a friend's house tomorrow night along with my pie. I believe you helped me figure it out. Thank you so very much for the perfect idea and for the clear instructions. I hope mine will turn out as beautiful as yours.

    1. Thank you, Sally!! It makes me so happy to hear that. I'm sure yours will turn our great (please share some pics when you're done, lol).

  3. Thanks for your tutorials for these super cute projects! I love making tea towels, and this will be my first potholder!


  4. Love both the pot holder and the tea towels. Thanks for sharing these great tutorials.

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