Friday, June 13, 2014

NouvElle is here!

Hello and happy Friday!

One of my sayings is why can't the day have 48 hours. And every time I see that it is more true! I say that because I always like to keep abreast of all I am working, but often man proposes and God disposes!
I trust you will excuse me, but with all the activity at Quilt Market, in addition to designing my next collection for fall, has not left me much time to write here. Thanks there's Instagram, which is quick and easy; if you follow me there thank you very much for all the love!
Who says this career is fascinating? I.
Who says this is sometimes a stressful career? I.
Confusing, right? But that's the truth! LOL

This is true to the extent that NouvElle, my newest collection for Art Gallery Fabrics landed at stores a couple of weeks ago! First I want to take the time to thank you for all your amazing comments and all the love you showed for this line on social media. It's a great feeling to make fabric collections that bring joy to all your projects.

I've made many projects so you can step into the world of NouvElle through this Lookbook. It has direct links to all the sources to buy online patterns (some of them FREE) and even the fabrics. One stop and shop! So click on the link above and let me know if you like the projects that I've put together for you :)

NouvElle is made up of ten prints:

left to right starting at the top: twirls in the air, falling cloudberry, ditsy radiance, new look coral, billowing petals rouge, billowing petals nuit, corolle verdigris, rethread rose peach, laced up gris

(who is the nouvelle girl? how to sew garments with nouvelle)

My Bold Beauty Box by Aurifil is great to combine with this collection. Great for quilting (of course) and sewing. So start filling your canvases with joyful projects made with NouvElle!

I really hope you like my new line as much as I do, and let me know which prints you like the best. Stay tuned for more inspirational posts featuring NouvElle because I can't imagine my life without sewing and I bet neither can you!



  1. Beautiful girls and dresses.

  2. What not to like about your new collection?? Wonderful palette, beautiful prints! A lookbook filled with so many projects that call my name: lovely dresses, a great tote and the tempting giant chevron quilt. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!

  3. Ahhhhh :) Simply gorgeous and yummy!!!! Thanks for sharing, Pat!

  4. It`s absolutely beautiful and such a spectacular dresses and bags.

  5. Beautiful! Love the dresses.