Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review: Modern Designs For Classic Quilts

Hello lovelies,
I love and enjoy reading tons, this is one of my many passions; especially if is an interesting and inspirational book! In this case I HAVE to share with you this wonderful book from Kelly Biscopink and Andrea JohnsonMODERN DESIGNS FOR CLASSIC QUILTS

I "met" Andie in social media long time ago; funny, right? There's nothing more delightful to admire quilters that share her passion and enthusiasm in each quilt they make; and I've admired Andie's talents for a long time! We met in person some time ago, and she told me was finishing her first book. I couldn't wait to see it, I knew it was going to be good. After printed, she sent me a copy and I promised I would read it and share it on my blog. I have to confess this was looong time ago; thank you Andie for being so patient... I feel very ashamed of myself!

Her co-author Kelly is her friend and I had the joy of meeting her at a past Quilt Market
These wonderful women are very committed to become great quilters and they cleverly used and love Double Wedding Ring, a classic 9-Patch, or a Drunkard’s Path blocks. But they also cater to modern quilters using unmatched seams, negative spacing, improvisational piecing and atypical color paring defining the aesthetics of a movement interested in freedom from the rules of quilting than being bound by them.

Hence the name, in this book modern meets traditional.  Kelly and Andrea book is assembled around mixing elements from the traditional and modern communities that are as representative of our past as they are indicative of our quilting futures.

I love how they mix past and future! Each project is more interesting and grows in well thought color stories and layouts that sing! I'm also happy to say they have used some of my fabrics in their quilts.   

Using a block technique based on a string quilt, Andi created a magnificent Spider Web Quilt which she included pieces of Twilight Pound from my Paradise collection among others.  If you have some scrap fabrics that you just can’t stop thinking about where to use them, get ready to start sewing Andi’s awesome quilt!
You are going to love exploring this creative book and don’t forget to follow Kelly and Andie’s blog for more amazing tutorials. They are so good!   

Hope you get your copy to start quilting right away, xo


  1. I love this book! These quilts are amazing!

  2. This is also one of my favorite books! The projects are beautifully made and creative, with good variety to appeal to many styles. I hope your post brings the authors some recognition, maybe we will see another great book from them!

    1. Yes Sharon! this book has many creative and beautiful projects with a great variety.