Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Menu

Hello lovelies!

How are your holidays preparation coming along? I had been decorating a bit more and preparing a Christmas Menu. As all of you may know, I adore cooking that is why I want to share with you some of my favorite Christmas recipes! I love to cook but sometimes I don't have the time to visit my kitchen and make a succulent dinner, that is why I can't wait for Christmas! It gives me an opportunity to search for a good recipe and make it for my family. Before the big dinner, I like to offer soft drinks and h'orderves accompany by an interesting and fun conversation.
My favorite drink for the holidays is eggnog...of course. This Eggnog-Lime Lassi recipe is one of my favorites, it takes only 5 minutes to make, you can find the full recipe here.

Look no further than Martha Stewart for incredible recipes! She is my to-go-person in every holiday; she will provide you with easy to make recipes like this Baked Camembert with Bacon, Rosemary and Pine Nuts. This will be perfect as an appetizer accompany by a cup eggnog or white wine.  

For Christmas, I always prepare a roast turkey with gravy, mash potatoes and greens, but this year I want to make a different dinner. I am changing my traditional Christmas turkey for a Roast Pork with Fennel, Chiles and Olives.  Prepare accordingly, this recipes will take you an hour to make, but it is worth it! How about serving this Roast Pork with red whine? I'm in! 

What about desert? A dinner is not complete without desert! Specially a Christmas dinner. Sometimes it is very hard to please everyone in their desert "needs", so I decided to choose a bit of everything with this Basic Bark

I am strongly thinking about creating this menu for Christmas dinner, it is not hard to make and it will not take to long (and my family will be delighted!) What are you all planing for Christmas dinner? Any tips for me?




  1. We're going to my parents' house and they always do prime rib, it's so delicious. Then Sunday we're hosting my husband's family and we'll have turkey. So many tasty meals! And the cookies - cookies everywhere! Merry Christmas!

    1. Lovely Tori! Two dinners wow! Merry Christmas