Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Upcoming Collection, Artisan!


I am SO happy and excited -beyond words- that I can finally introduce my upcoming collection! Artisan. I was honestly counting the days for this moment, and it is surely here! This collection captures the expression of the maker's heart and  the objects created. My inspiration flourished by going back to the traditional skills of the maker, built on the principles of passion, craftsmanship and authenticity. Artisan is a celebration of the unstyled that links etching florals, wood-carving and denim rustic textures in a handcrafted balance.
I am very passionate about this new collection of mine which features a bohemian color palette with denim blue, lumberjack red and raw sienna as the notes that paint these textiles.

For the second time, I am showcasing knits and voile!  I honestly can't wait to see the wonderful and creative projects that you will create with these. 

If you want to know more about  Artisan, make sure to check this Lookbook that I created for all of you!

I am so happy that I can finally show you my upcoming collection, I love every minute that I spend designing it, and I hope you will love it as well. Stay tuned, Artisan hits stores on August 2015.