Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let The Best Quilt Win

Hello lovelies!

As all of you know, I started  helping this noble charity Project Linus by providing fabrics to some of my amazing followers so they can create quilts for the adorable kids at Project Linus. The response I received was wonderful, thank you very much to all of you ladies! Now that I have all of the stunning quilts, I ask for all of you to vote for you favorite one! I know...I know, it's going to be very hard, all the quilts are just gorgeous!

How to vote? Visit this link → http://bit.ly/ProjectLinus that will direct you to my Pinterest board where you will see all the quilts and can vote by liking (heart) your favorite ☺
The winner will receive 10 YARDS OF FABRIC!  Please feel free to share, tweet and even shout about this noble charity and contest!

If you missed the IG call for Project Linus, you can donate a quilt to them, here you can check your local Project Linus Chapter and they will guide you on donating.

I wan to give a massive thank you to all the ladies that participated and helped me bring a smile to these wonderful kids!



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