Friday, July 31, 2015


Happy Friday Lovelies!

I finally had time to shoot some of my advance yardages of my upcoming collection, Artisan. As you all know, this collection developed by capturing the expression of the maker's heart and the objects created. Artisan is a celebration of the unstyled that links etching florals, wood carving and denim rustic textures in a handcrafted dance. 

The hues that each print has are remarkable, and the quality- 100% PREMIUM cotton- is the best out there. Truly, Art Gallery Fabrics quality is the best and you can FEEL THE DIFFERENCE with just one touch.   

Each print combines perfectly with each other! I really need to make a quilt ASAP! Take Pyrography North, Intervill Patience and Aged Allure Raw-all from the Wood color pallet- for example, they blend excellently.....table runner anyone? ☺☺

Or even mixing prints from different color ways like, Ad Lib Blooms Shout and Betoken Shines from the Denim color pallet along with Collar Ends Bronze from the Wood color pallet. Both of this choices work perfectly together. They will go amazingly on a quilt or table runner....all right, I need to make a table runner as well!! 
But lets not forget apparel. I see dresses, pants, blouses and rompers featuring this collection. And due to one of my lasts post, I see a lovely baby girls dress with Ad Lib Blooms! 

Artisan will be available at your local quilt shop this August and I really need to see what all you lovelies are going to create with it. Share all your projects on your favorite social media channels using #ArtisanFabrics

Stay tuned for the outstanding Lookbook that the talented AGF team will put together for  more projects ideas with Artisan.