Friday, February 12, 2016

I ♥ you

Hello lovelies!

Valentine's Day is coming up, but you still have time to make a little something, for you or your Valentine. Today I am going to teach you how to make this adorable heart pillow case. It is super easy to make and super cute. It literally took me 1 hour to make it! 

What you need:
  • 1 Fat Eight of NVE-5002
  • 1 Fat Eight of NVE-5009
  • 1 Fat Eight of DAR-54308
  • 1 Fat Eight of DAR-64305
  • 1 Fat Eight of of any fabric scrap that you may have, in this case I used PE-436
  • 1/2 yard of DEN-L-400  
  • Aurifil floss thread #2420
  • OPTIONAL-40 inches of decorative border lace  

Cutting Instructions:
  • Five (5) 3'' by 3'' of DAR-64305
  • Nine (9) 3'' by 3''  of DAR-54308 
  • Six (6) 3'' by 3'' of NVE-5009 
  • Six (6) 3'' by 3'' of NVE-5002
  • Five (5) 3'' by 3'' of PE-436  
  • Three (3) 15'' by 15'' of DEN-L-4000

Get the five (5) 3 by 3 of PE-436 and cut them to get half square triangles, set aside. Repeat this same step with the following:
One (1) 3 by 3 of DAR-64305
Two (2) 3 by 3 of NVE-5002
Two (2) 3 by 3 of DAR-54308
One (1) 3 by 3 of NVE-5009

Get 2 (two) HST of PE-436 and 2 (two) HST of DAR-64305 and sew them together:

Repeat the same step with NVE-5009

Get 3 (three) HST of PE-436 and 3(three) HST of DAR-54308 and sew them together.  

Repeat the same step with NVE-5002 

Now, lay all of your squares including the resent HST as shown on this image, that way you can start shaping the heart

 Start sewing each roach with a 1/4'' seam allowance. You will have a piece looking like the image below.

To achieve the right shape of a heart, trim the edges (pure elemetns) and round the corners.

  You will have to cut some of the print fabric as well to get the right shape

Once you completed the previous step, it is time to hand sew. Get your Aurifil floss and start attaching the hart to the 15'' by 15'' piece of DEN-L-4000. Later hand sew 1'' a part from the heart as instructed on the image below.


Now lets created the back of the pillow. Grab the two 15'' by 15'' pieces of  DEN-L-4000 and fold the top edged under by 5'', so  they will not unravel over time.  After this, if desire, straight stitch the folded edge.

Start by placing the back panels with right side facing up and then place the front piece of the pillow with the right side (heart) facing down.  Pin all the pieces together and sew around with an 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Fold it over and you will have your I ♥ Pillow  with a secret overlapping opening on the back where you insert your pillow body!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! There are more interesting projects coming on my creative space! 


Pat B.


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