Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Year....New Blog!


I had been working so hard on this new blog update; I wanted a new fresh and elegant start of the new year. Although it took a bit longer, I want to present to you the now renamed  Pat Bravo Design│The Creative Space blog! Yei!! I really loved, and still do, the name Soulful Eyes, but I wanted this blog to be more personal....a one on one source of communication with all my readers. Through this channel, I will continue sharing my inspirations, tutorials and much more.

I wish I will continue receiving your support towards this new phase of my creative space. I have so many cool things lined up that will keep you wanting for another post ☺All my entries will remain the same and constant as  before, with the only difference being .......having a more personal touch. I will be sharing some of my favorite things, projects, bloggers and more. 

Stay tuned my lovelies, I am very excited of this new blog and name and I hope you are as well!

Here's to many... many more posts! 


Pat Bravo 


  1. I love your new name and look forward to seeing the other personal touches

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