Friday, August 5, 2016

Flying Geese Pouch

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a little quick tutorial for all of you,  let's spend this weekend creating, which is my goal! I was thinking of that could be the Project of The Week, and while flipping through the pages of a magazine, I saw a stunning pouch and the wonderful idea of adding flying geese came to mind. I've seen some pouches with flying geese, and said...why not! So the lovely "Flying Geese Pouch" came to life!

This is a very easy and quick tutorial, but if you have any concerns, comment them below. I will be more than happy to help you further ☺
What you will need:

Fat Quarter of DEN-S2007
Fat Quarter of DEN-S2005
Fat Eight of SML-200
Fat Eight of CST-3204
Fat Eight of ETN-40040
1/4 of batting
Matching thread
10'' matching zipper

Cutting Instructions:
1 (one) 8'' x 9'' of DEN-S2005
2 (two) 2'' x 9'' of DEN-S2005
2 (two) 8'' x 9'' of DEN-S2007
2 (two) 1'' x 2'' of DEN-S2007
1 (one) 8'' x 9'' of batting

Step 1

For this pouch, I used 4 flying geese using Etno, Summerlove and Carnaby St Fabrics. Click here to learn how to make them. Use the same size as instructed in my Flying Geese tutorial. You will end up having, one from Etno, Carnaby and Two from Summerlove, but that's up to you. Set the remaining aside.

Step 2

Attach the four flying geese together and take the 2 (two) 2'' x 9'' of DEN-S2005. Then attach each piece together.

Step 3

 I decided to free motion quilt the 2 (two) 2'' x 9'' of DEN-S2005, currently obsessed with free motion quilting. But you can quilt the sides as you prefer. For some people, free motion can be a bit hard, but practice makes perfect ☺ Place finished flying geese part (with the 2 (two) 2'' x 9'' of DEN-S2005 already attached) over the 8'' x 9'' of batting, pin in place and free motion away!

Step 4

Now it is time to attache the zipper and lining. For the lining, you will use 2 (two) 8'' x 9'' of DEN-S2007 and for the zipper sides the
2 (two) 1'' x 2'' of DEN-S2007. Click here to see my We All Sew tutorial, where I explained how to attache a zipper and lining. 

And voila! Your "Flying Geese" pouch is complete! I hope you liked this quick and fun tutorial. Stay tuned lovelies, there is a big surprise coming up next week on the blog! 

'till then

Pat B. 


  1. Adorable zip the fabrics!!! Thanks for sharing :o)

    1. No problem! There are mo cute things coming up :)