Friday, February 10, 2017

Crafty Valentine's Day Cards

Hello adorable makers!

Valentine's Say is just around the corner and I want to share something pretty fun for all of you. I created three Valentine's Day printable cars with unique saying for that special someone. I created these printable cards using Rapture, Summerlove and Heartland fabrics, and well those collections gives these cards that little extra pink perfect for Valentine's day. 

I know, I will be using some of these cuties myself for Tuesday. I love gifting chocolates and little somethings, not only to my husband, but also to my closest friends and relatives. Just giving them something, as small as it is, it makes me feel really good. And it's even better if it's something made entirely by me. I think that DIY gifts are the best because the come out straight from the heart. 

Aren't these cute? Get that special someone or just anyone you truly care about a nice little DIY gift along with one of these fun printable cards. 

Click in the links below for the FREE download:
Lovely Card 1
Lovely Card 2
Lovely Card 3

Enjoy lovelies, I have another surprise later on this week.


Pat B. 

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