Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Free Sewing Patterns


I am finally back in Florida and I am super happy of how #QuiltCon2017 went. I met so many interesting and lovely people and I am super eager about the new projects ahead. I will be telling you about that later on. Last week I blogged about the FREE quilt patterns available at my website, and I received countless messages of makers thanking me for this piece of information. Well, I know want to give you another crafty piece of info, FREE sewing pattern


Isn't this amazing? I remember when I first started quilting and sewing, patterns and instructions where a bit hard to find. And let's not even talk about FREE patterns, they where extra hard to come by. So, that is why I believe that this source of Free Sewing Patterns is helpful for makers, and will be extremely convenient to new up and coming makers.


Feel free to browse through my website for FREE sewing and quilt patterns. You are going to find an endless amount of detailed patterns that will make you want to sew!☺☺


Pat B.

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  1. Thank you! Sometimes seeing one artist's work encourages us to try again with our own work.