Tuesday, May 30, 2017

EPP Party Week 5 Thirds Beauty Block

Hello everyone! 

I cannot believe week 5 is already here! I am so happy with all the awesome EPP blocks that I've seen on IG! You guys are incredible!

We have a new block to reveal today for the #eppparty and this one has one shape that is cut and transformed in 3 different shapes. Isn't this neat?

Drumrolls please for block 3.... THIRDS BEAUTY!

I love this block because it give us so many possibilities slicing a third of a hexie.

Here is my finished block! I want to continue using my latest collection Indie Boheme so I can have a finished quilt all using the same fabrics but you can choose your own fabrics.

Here are the templates if you want to download them.Template 1
In case you want to buy paper templates, we have a special package available at Paper Pieces.


You need 42 2" paper templates to make this 12" block. For this block, we wanted to raise the level of difficulty a bit, so now we are teaching you how to slice a paper template and reshape the block to finish having an square of 12" by 12". (all photos for this step by step are courtesy of @MisterDomestic)

Position all the templates on a mat like the photo shows. You will see there are some empty spaces...

Grab 4 hexies thirds templates and slice them in half as picture shows below

Place the 8 kite shapes on both sides as picture shows below 

Now grab the remaining 4 templates and slice them as the pictures below show...

Fill the empty spaces as it's shown on the picture below...

And voila! Of course you can slice more templates to make gradations of color, fussy cutting, etc

 And if you are looking for the perfect video to show you these step by step my genius partner Mister Domestic has done an amazing one on his YouTube channel. Click on the picture below to see the video:


Also, I have made a new video with a new technique to work on English paper piecing without templates and glue. Click on the picture below to watch it:


Congratulations to @mamabeelydia for winning the prize package for block 2!!! The prize package for block 3 is an awesome same Ice Cream Soda EPP kit from Tales of Cloth. Jodi uses only recycled materials in her papers and packaging, so not only is this an awesome sauce kit, but it’s all good for the planet and stuff.

And just look at this picture of the packaging she has! It is so lovely!!!

So ready... set... go.... The party continues!!!!

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