Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Lucas!

Hello lovelies! In honor of National Dog Day, today I'd like to share with you the story of my dog Lucas.

It was two summers ago. I received a text message from my sister, where she told me that her friend from the Miami animal shelter had received a puppy abandoned in a very cruel way. There was a small picture of him. She said to me, "Look at those eyes... he needs you!

Those eyes...

I said to myself I couldn't get another dog because we already had Daisy (my Shar Pei mix), and two dogs would be too much. But even after turning the phone off I couldn't get those eyes out of my head and out of my heart, because I started loving him at that precise moment I looked at that small photo.

After a couple of hours, it was killing me of not knowing what going to happen to him. I couldn't stop thinking about him! The phone number of the shelter was in the message so I decided, "yes!" I think that I had already decided that he was going to spend the rest of his life with me when I first saw that picture. I called and asked if he was still there and how did they find him. The lady told me a heartless woman dumped him from the trunk of her car on a red light in the middle of an avenue on a Miami summer afternoon!
How Lucas was abandoned is a sad story. But for me it is one of the happiest stories of my life, because he came out of the blue to be with me forever.

If you could see him right now, he is glued to me, always by my side, to show me every minute of his life how much he loves me. Lucas shows me the most pure, unconditional and sweet love a person could ever know.

When he looks at me with those eyes I know he is telling me how thankful he is for me choosing us to be together.

Do you have a cherished companion that just warms your heart whenever you see them and is always beside you at every moment of the day? I would love to hear your stories!



  1. What a wonderful story and a beautiful baby. Yes I have two miniature dachshunds, Sophie (chocolate and tan) and Lucy (black and tan dapple). Even though I bought both of these pups at seperate times, I knew when I picked up Lucy that I was saving her, it was not a good place at all. She was covered in fleas, had ear mites, worms, and had attachment issues, but I brought her home and she and Sophie are the absolute light of our eyes. They follow every step that me or my husband make and show absolute unconditional love. What more could anyone ask for....

    1. What a beautiful story Lisa! I had the exact same feeling when I saw Lucas' photo.. It's like his eyes were calling to me, asking me to save him… Till this day, I think taking him home was one of the best decisions I've made in my life… His care, his warmth, and the fact that he is always there by my side, gives me great happiness everyday. Yes, what more could anyone ask for!

  2. Here's the story of how my baby girl and I came together because of quilting... Sorry it is so long. I just love telling this story!

    I started talking to a local shelter. Filled out the application and got “approved”. That alone is a huge accomplishment! I went to the shelter with a baggie full of cooked chicken. Great way to make friends! At least the 4-legged kind. They had 3 or 4 dogs that they thought were a good match for me and my husband. They were little dogs! Or smaller than I have ever had in the past. No shepherds, no pits, no big dogs! The last one was a little black dog. Well, not real little. But 40 lbs which would be the smallest dog I’ve ever had. I’m a BIG dog person! She was cute. She was affectionate. She LOVED the chicken. We did seem to hit it off. I just wasn’t sure because… I’m a BIG dog person!

    So I went home. Told my husband about the dog. Told him that I thought she was “fine” but just not sure. Checked the mail and found the latest copy of Mark Lapinski’s “Quilter’s Home” (Vol 3, Issue 5). Sat down on the couch to read it. The first article to catch my eye was “Cocktails with Mark”. The drink was “Mark’s Golden Cadillac”. This was my mother’s favorite after-dinner drink. My parents have been gone since 1995. I started to think about family. The next article was one called “Animal Lovin’”. It was quilters writing about their pets (especially their dogs) and how much they meant in their lives. So now I’m thinking about family… pets… I get to the back of the magazine where there are quilt patterns. I turn the page and there is a quilt pattern entitled “Amazing Garden Maize”. How often do you see the word “MAIZE” in print? Anywhere? That was the name of the little black dog at the shelter. Really… Got up off the couch and told my husband that I had found our dog. It was a sign.

    She is the (dog) love of my life. My husband thinks that she comes first. I tell him not to make me ever choose between the two of them. She is a Katrina pup and so we call her a "Louisiana Cantell", 'cause she is from Louisiana and we can't tell what she is. Just a little black dog with some white markings.

    Maize’s backstory is that her mom was brought up to a shelter in our area north of Chicago from Louisiana after Katrina – pregnant and unwed – it happens in the best of families. The puppies were adopted out. Maize was brought back 3 years later because the family said they had too many other animals and couldn’t keep her. Maize was the name they gave her -- not the shelter. Most of the time shelters give dogs other names because they can’t keep 10 Buddys straight.

    1. WOW! That is truly an amazing story and thank you for sharing. It was truly a sign for you to take her home! I just love how life throws you little hints here and there, and it is truly an amazing coincidence that that happened to you :) What a wonderful story Tricia!

  3. 2008 was a very rough year for me. In early April, I received a call that if I wanted to see my Dad again, I'd better come now. That meant a trip from NC to FL as fast as I could get there, and no where there to keep my sweet dog Sadie. I left her with a care giver at home and drove to FL. As we received word that Dad would indeed be able to go home, we got a call that Sadie had bolted from the care givers yard in to one of the busiest streets in our city and was gone. We mourned Sadie, but decided with all we had on our plates over the next 3 months, that we could not yet get a new dog. You see my son was about to graduate from West Point, and then 2 days later marry the love of his life there. Dad seemed to be improving and was looking forward to the graduation and wedding. The later in April, on my birthday, Dad called to say he wouldn't be able to attend the graduation and wedding.

    Within days, dad fell into a coma and passed away. Heart broken, we moved on, graduation and wedding would not wait. So on May 30th, I proudly watched my son and future daughter in law graduate from West Point and become active military, knowing that with in a year they would be in Afghanistan. Then 2 days later celebrated their wedding.

    When we got back home from the festivities, we went to the local animal shelter. We found two cute Lab Mix puppies that the shelter had named Joy and Hope. Joy insisted that my husbands feet were meant to be peed on, while Hope just looked at us with a "Are we going to do this or not?" look. As soon as the shelter would let us take her home, we did.

    Since then, and especially when my son and daughter in law were deployed, we've had a little bit more Hope in our lives.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. For some time, I felt that I would not get another dog after my Sheebo passed away. I was so saddened by it and it was affecting me at home and even at work. My family seemed so sad and down because you are essentially losing a part of your family. Yes, I also believe that dogs bring a sense of hope and light into our homes. Their love is so innocent and pure, that you just seem to smile at them whether they pee on you or steal that leftover steak that was on the dinner table (Lucas has his bad boy moments).

      I don't think you could've chosen a better name for them! I am glad that they are doing exactly what you named them, bringing a little bit of joy and hope into your home. I wish you and your family the best and I truly thank you for sharing...

  4. Oh what a beautiful story! nd Lucas is fortunate to have you in his life...as Te you to have him! Enjoy him forever!!