Monday, April 25, 2016

The Minis Blog Tour

Hello everyone!

Today we kick start The Minis Blog Tour! I am so happy and filled with excitement. I wanted to make this blog tour for the longest and it's finally happening. I had an idea of combining #DareFabrics with #EssentialsIIFabrics and see what awesome project comes out of those two. But, how about making that project with talented makers from around the globe? And well...The Minis Blog tour came to life! Since I posted the IG Call for Maker, I've been receiving countless of emails from talented makers. Thank you all for wanting to be part of the fun and I am super happy to have you all beauties on board, this is going to be a fun month ☺☺

So...let's get started! Below are the 30 talented makers (2 of the 30 posting daily ☺) that are tacking part of this tour, each site will be linked daily with their post project.

Monday April 25
Laura Piland

Courtney Zadik

Tuesday April 26
Katie Skoog

Stacey Gibson

Wednesday April 27
Amanda Woodruff

Jessica Stewart

Wednesday April 28
 Erin Cox

Anjeanette Klinder

Friday April 29
Aimee Leptick

 Sharla Krenzel

Monday May 2
Christine Blessing

Cat Noonan

Tuesday May 3
Sarah Overton

Jyoti Haeusler
Sewn Modern Crafts

Wednesday May 4
Faith Essenburg

Lesley Storts

Thursday May 5
Ellen Ault

Michelle Bartholomew 
Michelle Bartholomew 

Friday May 6
Kate Basti

Kate Lyons

Monday May 9
Cindy Guch

Name: Lucy

Tuesday May 10
Marija Vujcic

Isabel Kelly
Lamb and Wolfie

Wednesday May 11
Samantha Green

Tara J Curtis

Thursday May 12
Samantha Dorn

Maja Wlusek

Friday May 13
Jemima Flendt
Tied With a Ribbon

Kerry Smith
Thats Sew Kerry

So thrilled and excited to see everyone's mini quilt!




  1. Looking forward to my turn on the blog tour Friday!

  2. I love the idea of this series of posts, especially when Pat's fabrics are featured

  3. Thank you for creating such lovely things! Intertwill Azur and Thread on Charm are my favorite!

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