Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rapture is here!

Hello lovelies!

First I want to take the time to thank you for all your amazing comments and all the love you show for me and for my work. I put great effort in creating fabric collections that will bring joy to all your projects. And it makes me truly happy to see you welcome them into your lives. This week I am also grateful because since I showed my newest collection at Quilt Market (recap here) with butterflies in my stomach. Yet, I have received such great feedback! So today I'm thrilled to announce that the  RAPTURE collection is now available!

The fabrics are inspired by one of my favorite designers, KENZO, and the watercolor style that has currently become the latest trend. The color palette has soft pastels, but yet it's bright and happy too! I'm so happy right now in my professional and personal life, so I wanted Rapture to be a reflection of this joyous time!

I designed this collection with a woman in mind. She is fearless and sophisticated. She dares to wear bold prints with bright hues of lemon, red, and blue. She loves to be raptured by the beauty in everything she sees and she wears her heart on her sleeve. 

Step into her world with my new Rapture Lookbook:

Her happy and serene world is surrounded by bright yet harmonious colors. She loves to dream in watercolor and she shares her vision through her paint brush. 

Rapture comes in two sophisticated color ways: Citric Happiness & Subtle Joy.

Citric Happiness, as the name describes, is full of citric yellows and happy corals with hints of teal, berry, and tender green.

Subtle Joy focuses on the soft sides of blue and peach, with hints of cream and mint. Both color ways embrace traces of crystal pink and black.

One of my favorite prints in this collection is Wild Beauty (in both color ways). It embodies the mood of this collection perfectly with its painted flowers, watercolor brush traces, with both bright and subtle tones and the boldness of a black. I love its versatility being great to work in all quilts, fashion, and home decor.

I haven't stopped sewing with Rapture. A lot of the projects will be FREE patterns available to you in the coming months! You can start making my FREE quilt pattern, Blissful quilt, now! You'll love making this quilt. It is easy to make and will sure bring bliss to your home (or for a loved one since the holidays are right around the corner).

Rapture is perfect for combining with all the Elements that AGF has to offer! If you want to throw in some solids to the mix, here is a list of Pure Elements that go great with Rapture:
PE-448 Canary, PE-435 Banana Cream, PE-444 Peach Sherbet, PE-426 Apricot Crepe. PE-450 Grapefruit, PE-438 Coral Reef, PE-405 Cherry Lipgloss, PE-446 Honeydew, PE-408 White Linen, PE-412 Tender Green, PE-424 Mirage Blue, PE-452 Spruce, PE-431 Mystic Grey, PE-413 Caviar.

And here is a list of Squared Elements that are just waiting to be combined with Rapture:

CST-3108 King's Road Turquoise, SE-613 Teal, SE-604 Seafoam, SE-609 Citrine, CST-3201 King's Road Lemon, CST-3101 King's Road Fuchsia, SE-600 Watermelon, SE-601 Rosewater, SE-614 Almondette, SE-607 Noir.

And what's even better is that I have matching threads to go along with Rapture! I've had the pleasure of working with Aurifil and coming out with my own thread collection!

The Eye Candy  Box is the perfect match when working with the soft tones of Subtle Joy!
The Quilting Heart Box is great to combine with the bright hues of the Citric Happiness palette. Great for quilting (of course) and sewing. So start filling your canvases with joyful projects made with Rapture!

I really hope you like my new line as much as I do, and that all these images inspire you to get stitching and create pieces you treasure and are grateful for. Stay tuned for more inspirational posts featuring Rapture! 



  1. Can't wait to see this in person, it's beautiful!!

  2. Congrats Pat for this new line, it's awesome! Maureen Cracknell is giving away a bundle of it, so fingers crossed!

  3. I love the colors! I can't wait to see the patterns that will be coming.

  4. Gan´t wait to play with them!