Friday, March 28, 2014

BERNINA and a Garden

Happy Friday to all!

A MILLION thanks to all of you that are voting for me every day! This mean the world to me and I can't express how happy you make me liking my design. Thank you :-)

Now I have a nice pic to share with you...
I know that my florals don't compare to these beautiful flowers at the Queen Mary garden in UK, but I humbly think that are good enough to be printed on the BERNINA plate... if you help me to win!

So, remember to VOTE FOR ME on Faceplatefaceoff going to the BERNINA Facebook page! You register once and can vote everyday. The more votes = the more chances you win this awesome sewing machine :)

They now changed the system, and you don't need to register every time you vote; now you have to do that once and can vote everyday with a click. Cool, right?

So I please ask you to keep VOTING for ME :)

Xo, Pat

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