Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quilt accidents do happen


A few weeks ago could finally start this table runner made with my Rapture fabrics, and God knows I would have liked to finish it in 2 days at the most! With Quilt Market getting closer on the horizon, the perspectives of finishing were washing away little by little. So I took the decision to be patient and work with the small amounts of time I could find. Anyways I wanted to take couple of pics from the process.

After being pieced, quilted, trimmed and ready to be bound, I just found out that the width of the runner was 12". I went to my kitchen table to try it and looked so thin!! The first seconds were a feeling of panic...  Luckily for me, I didn't add any backing yet :)

Thinking about a quick and easy solution for a couple of days, I managed to sew (side to side) two strips of batting 2" wide on each side with a zig-zag stitch (4.0 width). I thought that if it crossed the finished side of the runner just by a little, then I could piece a 2 1/4" of fabric on top, and it wouldn't be visible when I pressed it open (I was sewing with a 1/4" seam).

It actually worked! And... I could add a contrasting floral fabric as a border. Then, I decided to follow the same steps adding strips on the extremes. For the backing, I've selected two different fabrics joined in stripes (to have a reverse side I could use). Then I tried to mimic the straight quilting I did for the body of the runner.

The binding choice was a modern geometric dot that could look good against the floral. Retro Pop Mint, from my Carnaby St. collection .

I love how the binding looks! Of course... by hand (one my favorite steps)

Pure joy when I used for the first time!

Quilt accidents do happen, but nothing that a big dose of a desire to make it work and another one of love can't solve :)

Did you happen to have a similar moment of panic as I did?

Xo, Pat


  1. I think this was a fortunate accident! For me the border enlivens the topper, makes it joyful and inviting! The bonding is so perfectly chosen! Beautiful project!!

  2. binding, stupid error, sorry!

  3. Beautiful table runner. Love your fabrics and colors.

  4. I love this now I want to make this.....PATTERN????