Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thinking Mint

Hey lovelies! 

I want to share with you my current color obsession! I know that I had blogged about my latest color inspiration-which I absolutely adore...those pink hues..I mean really! Love it!!- but I just couldn't ignore this color which I had been spotting everywhere. I am constantly finding inspiration and specially in colors. Soft and multicolored hues are as essential as mood boards. A mood board stimulate my senses with textures and images while colors give me the spark to create something new and exciting. Well.....lets get to it, currently I am thinking about Mint or as PANTONE calls it, Lucite Green.  This color is a part of Spring 2015 color trend along with more stunning tones full of cooler, softer and warmer hues. Although, Mint or Lucite Green is not considered a fashion color, it does come back form time to time.   

Mint is a perfect Spring color, but living in South Florida, I have the chance of sporting this hue all year round. I am super thrilled and excited about Spring 2015 color trends! There is a great variety in worries, I will be blogging about them soon