Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Review-By the Block

Hello everyone, 

Oh the #QuiltMarketPrep is getting to me, so many ideas and so little time,but you know what, I love it! Doing what you love is truly rewarding, specially when you see your ideas come to life.  I'm leaving in a couple of days and I'm super excited to see everyone there. Quilt Market is truly and rewarding experience, it is there where I see face to face the people reaction' when looking at my collections, the feeling is mesmerizing. Even though I am a bit busy, I still manage to have time to read and after reading Sew Organized (check my last book review) I was hungry for a project that was fast and not so time consuming. As a very busy person and eager to be constantly creaing, this book was heaven sent! By TheBlock by Siobhan Rogers is the perfect book when wanting to create big projects in less time. Siobhan is a quilt teacher that realized that her students want to create massive and stunning quilts that look intricate but are actually very simple to create.  Even though, these students have a very busy life style, they still are enthusiastic to create quilts……raising my hand over here.

By The Block features eighteen different quilt patterns based on repeated blocks or units. It is also organized by theme….how cool is that?....such as construction method, type of block and much more. All of these are traditional quilting techniques given a modern twist. What I love more about this book is that all the patterns are versatile. Each pattern list a quilt and block size, so the reader can use the design that will fit their needs! Siobhan also includes general saving time hints in all her patterns, now that’s amazing! This book is also for those that are starving for ideas and delighted to have easy to follow instructions that will exactly tell them what materials to purchase and how many squares to cut. Siobhan states in her book, that she taught everyone from young medical students to retired grandmothers, all which share one same goal- they want simple quilts that are effective.

This book is like tacking a class with Siobhan, minus the students. All her patterns are perfectly executed and easy to follow and complete.  She will teach you the basic quilting techniques and tools such as choosing fabric, color tips, pattern and scale, preparing and cutting your fabric, piecing techniques, log cabin piecing and much more!

Thank you so much Siobhan for giving me eighteen surprisingly simple quilts!  


Pat B. 

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