Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Review - Sew Organized For the Busy Girl

Hello everyone! 

How's everyone doing? I am getting ready for International Quilt Market preparations, I had been sewing so much lately with  #DareFabrics which is going to be showcased at Quilt Market Houston. The familiar excitement for the show is here and I couldn't be more happy!

But sometimes it is hard for us to find the time to sew and that's a killer! I was thinking why isn't there a book or something that could help me manage my busy schedule to incorporate more sewing projects and voila! When Heidi Staples from Fabric Mutt gave me this amazing book…I am going to be honest… I couldn’t take it down. As the name of this books states Sew Organized For the Busy Girl, I was excited and super happy that someone had created a book about this issue….yes trying to be organized when you are busy is super hard and therefore becomes an issue! Lol

Imagine when your to-do list for today takes up more than one page and you are trying to perfect the art of multitasking.  Heidi wrote this book because she understands the busy life, as she states in her book, she wants this book to be a like your personal assistant and comfortable old friend and it will give you a chance that sew more often!

I just have to say, this book is amazing! It will teach you from creating a space that works for you to how to fit sewing into your busy schedule and even projects for time a travel. While reading this book, I found the steps provided very helpful, for example, while creating a space that works for you, you’ll have to discover your workspace personality. Figure out what you need to organize your sewing space. Also, find storage solutions that fit your space, not every adorable storage that you will find in Ikea or Michael’s will work with your sewing space and Heidi explains you even more. In my case, I have so many fabrics laying in my sewing room that sometimes I don’t even know where they are. So according to Heidi, be prepare with project bags and this has helped me when I want to sew something quick and easy. I already have bags with all the materials needed for said projects…Amazing! 

A couple of weeks back, I had to do a remodeling in my home office and sewing studio, and this book helped me tremendously. Now I have everything more organized and ready to sew. This was a massive help due to the fact that International Quilt Market is just around the corner!
Everyone! If you love sewing and don’t have time to sew as much, make sure to get your hands on this amazing book!! It helped me a lot and will help you as well!

Thanks Heidi for this incredible book!

Pat B


  1. Pat, I am so thrilled that my book was a help to you! Nothing makes me happier to hear than that. Thank you so much for your kind review!