Thursday, February 25, 2016

Essentials II Fabrics

Hello makers!

I finally have a chance to blog about Essentials II! I was so excited when I received the advanced yardage that I went sewing crazy. I grabbed that fabric scissors and cut right away! As you know per my last blog post, I created the adorable Essence Pillow case for BERNINA USA (click here for the tutorial) and I'm sewing some other cute things. You all need to see how the LookBook is coming along, stunning! Essentials II

Essentials II is a three toned color story with my signature of fresh and bright hues along side trendy patterns. I created this collection to blend perfectly with my previous ones, and it does. Last night, I color coordinated them with Dare Fabrics, and guess what? They look terrific together. I'm definitely sewing something with these two.

As you all know, I love adding new decorations to my sewing studio and specially when I receive new fabrics. I want to feel inspired daily and everything that surrounds me inspires me, so I decided to get all my new Essentials II fabrics and lay them on my wall, just for project inspiration. At least that's what I thought! I think I'm keeping them up :)

I love using embroidery hoops as frames for my fabrics, what do you think? It is a great decor idea. I always use this method when decorating, because they are cute and super easy to make, in just two minutes you have a adorable wall full of beauty!

I am trying to do updates to my sewing room with each new collection I release, I want to see the beauty of them daily and it makes me even more inspired!

Happy sewing everyone and remember to be inspired.


Pat B. 



  1. Hi Pat,
    I just fell in love with your Essentials II fabrics. Your Instagram post of the gold fabrics with the grey background just woke me up to something very different. Now to come up with blocks that I will like with these fabrics. I always like the excitement of something new.

  2. Aww thank you Terry, I so happy that I can inspire people to create amazing things! ☺

  3. Love love love this line, can't wait to get my hands on it!

  4. Thank you Lorrie, can't wait to show you all the LookBook!