Monday, October 10, 2016

The Heartland Blog Tour

The time has come and I couldn't be more excited! #TheHeartlandBlogTour has officially started! I can't wait to see the awesome projects that these talented bloggers are going to create. They are so creative and unique, I am so thrilled and happy to have all 20 of you in my tour. The idea for this tour was...think Quilty Scandinavian, and the ideas that these ladies submitted are beyond wonderful. All of you are going to love it! Make sure to follow The Heartland Blog Tour from today until October 21st. Bellow you will see my awesome timelines with these AWESOME bloggers!

Blogger Timeline

Monday October 10                                            
Alicia Steele                                                           
Paola Baker                                                               
Tuesday October 11                                            
Marija Vujcic                                                        
 Lisa Chavez                                                   

Wednesday October 12                                            
Lisa Serino                                                                                                                   
Aimee Leptick                                                  

Thursday  October 13                                            
Jessica Elliston                                                              
Veronica AM                                                      

 Friday October 14                                            
Katie Skoog                                                                     
 Karen Foster                                                       

Monday  October 17
Haley Anderson                                                             
 Kim Prows                                        

Tuesday October 18
Sarah Overton       
 Dorthe Niemann                                           

Wednesday October 19
Shannon Fraser                                                  
Ali Borsen                                                         

Thursday October 20
Mariana Diaz                                                            
Elise Baek                                                              
Friday October 21
Alexis Wright                                                         
 Elina Temmes


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  2. Hi Pat!
    This is so exciting!!! Would you be so kind and add my Instagram address under my name, @elinatemmes , please. On my webbite there's only paintings. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see all the makes 😃

    1. Done! Thanks for letting me know you have an IG ☺