Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Presser Foot of the Month: Blindstitch Foot #5

Hello hello!!
What a busy month I've been having, so thrilled with all the projects that I have ahead. I almost forgot to add this month's Presser Foot, but I was thinking about this presser foot for a while now and wanted to share some info. Well.....this Month's Presser foot is the "Blindstitch #5" which is known as the invisible-hemming expert! Seriously! When you sew a blind hem with this incredible foot, the stitching can hardly be seen from the front, how awesome is that?!

The mechanism of this foot is incredible, the stitch is formed over a special blade that is the guide, which creates a loose stitch so that the hem lies nice and flat! When the fabrics is pressed flat, the needle penetrations points on the front of the fabrics, making the seam almost invisible and the blade guide provides an even distance to the folded edge, permitting the hem to be sewn perfectly.

Amazing right? This little foot is a life saver, you guys have no idea how many times it had saved me from hours of hand blind-stitching. Even though I found blind-stitching beyond therapeutic, sometimes time is not on my favor and have to finish fast!
Here it is a little video for you to see the mechanism of this BERNINA presser foot ☺


  1. Because I'm the only one in my family that sews, I am often called upon to hem pants (even though I stress that I am a quilter, not a tailor!). The #5 foot has saved me so much time--and tears!