Friday, December 16, 2016

DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

Hello everyone! 

I want to share with you some cute little DIY ideas for the holidays which are just around the corner. I know that braising the mall crowds could be a pain so I have some ideas for you to avoid that ☺and let's be honest, handmade gift are a little bit more special because they come straight from our hearts ♥♥

For the little angel of the family, this lovely Girl's Ruffle Blouse, or you can even make it as a dress by adding more canvas. Isn't gorgeous? The "Dulcet Paths Mist" adds a sweet touch to it.

But let's not forget the jet-setter of the family and create these very useful zipper pouches, perfect to easily storage make up and toiletries. 

I HAD to share this Scandi bag because when I share it on Instagram all of you loved it, and how could we not, this bag is so pretty and I think it's a perfect statement bag!

Plushies are so in this year, I've seen them everywhere with lots of popularity and to be honest, who would hate these beauties!

Again, thinking about the little ones, let's be frank, the Holidays are mostly for the kids ☺ This canvas Jacket it's so cute and stylish, the little angles will be perfect this winter.

Hope this creative DIY ideas helps you with your gift giving this holiday season, have fun sewing☺


Pat B.

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