Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pinetree Placemats

Hello everyone!

I am so excited!! Christmas is just around the corner and that means lots of family time and of course lots of decorating. I want to share with all of you during our lovely count down for Christmas, some adorable and easy projects! Like the Pinetree Placemats with Heartland fabrics and the good thing is that you can use these placemats for after the holidays! How cool?Alright ladies and gents, the instructions are below so have fun creating this beauty!

Fabric Quantities
1/2 yard of HRT-85301Fabric A
Fat Eight of HRT-85303 Fabric B
Fat Eight of HRT-85308 Fabric C
1/4 yard of batting

Cutting Instructions
Cut 2 (two) 10'' by 16'' of Fabric A
Cut 1 (one) 10'' by 16'' of batting

Step 1
Place one of the 10'' by 16'' piece of Fabric A, then the 10'' by 16'' of batting, and lastly the last piece of Fabric B. If desire, with an erasable pen draw diagonal guide lines for quilting 1/2'' apart.

Step 2
We are going to create the tree fuzzy cut trees from Fabric B. Cut three pieces, as shown below and use steam a seam to glue it to Fabric A

Step 3
Now that we have the three fussy cut trees ready, we have to iron press on the top of the 10'' by 16'' piece of Fabric A. In this project two fussy cut pieces are place at the bottom right side of the piece, and one on the top left corner. Once this is complete, we are ready to top stitch the lovely trees.

 Add the binding using Fabric C and you are done!

This project is so cute and super fast and fun to create! And you will have a lovely Christmas dinner table set. More projects are coming your way lovelies so make sure to check my social media outlets for more info!



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