Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Indie Boheme

Hello everyone! 

I want to make this quick blog post to share with all of you some images of #IndieBoheme strike offs! I can't hardly wait for the advance yardage, totally excited! So I decided to take some snaps and share it with you guys. Indie Boheme is all about my love for faraway influences and bohemian style.

 When I receive the strike offs is usally just little pieces and if I'm lucky I get bigger ones. I am honestly thinking of creating something with theses beauties. I think I have enough for a mini quilt or small little project. No worries, I will share the tutorial and cute images. I want Indie Boheme to inspire you to create many creative projects because that also inspires me to create ☺

Here is the complete Indie Boheme collection and free pattern (will be available when the LookBook comes out) start thinking of all the cute projects that you are going to create with this collections. I am so giddy and excited! I have so many ideas for Indie Boheme, that I'm planning on involving some bloggers as well, so stay tuned!


Pat B. 


  1. Awesome fabrics - great ideas for a Boho quilt come to my mind!!! LOL

    1. Thank you Allison, and I like your Boho quilt idea!