Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quick DIY Notebook Cover

Hello everyone! 

How was everyone's holidays? I had so much fun with my loved ones that I am so energetic to start the 2017. Yesterday I was playing around with some of my Indie Boheme Fabrics strike offs and decided to created this wonderful Notenbook covers. I have a few that are so simple that I wanted to add some personality to them. I use lots of notebooks because I am constantly jotting down ideas, and that's even better to do in a pretty notebook.

I used Woodblock Spirit, Eternal Serenity Rose and Trekant Rows Candid, Mod Podge and brushes to spread the glue. 

Place the fabric as shown below, measurements may vary due to notebook size, in my case: Notebook measures 7'' by 10'' and the fabric quantity is 16'' by 12''.  Leaving 2'' on top and bottom and 1'' on the side. These added inches are for folding the notebooks. 

Spread the mod podge on top of the notebook and start covering the notebook (we will start with the cover) with fabric. Make sure to complete this step carefully that way we will prevent creases on the notebook. Complete this same step for the back of the notebook. Now that we have both front and back covered with the fabric, start by folding the extra fabrics, both in top, bottom and sides and adding mod podge as explained. 

And voila! You have a perfect and creative little notebook to jot down all your future projects!


Pat B.


  1. What notebooks did you use? Didn't see a link to any. Looks like a great project!

    1. Hi I just used any notebook that I had at home, I believe this one is from ikea, here is the link http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70337980/

  2. This looks cute. Can you show a pic of how you folded the fabric where the pages are stapled to the cover at the spine? That would be helpful. And, where is the button? Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. The fabric is not staple to the notebook, it is just folded as shown on the image. Regarding the button, I didn't use any :) everything it's just mod podge, how cool!?