Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ansel Pillow

Fabric Quantities
IBH-74202 - Fat Eight - Fabric A
IBH-74205 - Fat Eight - Fabric B

IBH-64201 - Fat Eight - Fabric C
PE-422 - Fat Eight - Fabric D
PE-407 - Fat Eight - Fabric E
PRE-811 - 1/4 yard - Fabric F

Cutting Instructions   
Cut two (2) 9 3/4'' by 5 1/2'' of Fabric F
Cut one (1) 10 3/4'' by 13 1/2'' of Fabric F
Cut eight (8) shapes of Fabric A using Template A
Cut sixteen (16) shapes of Fabric B using Template A
Cut eight (8) shapes of Fabric C using Template A
Fabric D, E, and F will used for the paper pieces shape


English Paper Piecing 
Use the English Paper Piece technique for the center piece of the pillow. 

Get the eight (8) shapes of Fabric A and begin attaching them as explained below. Remember, you will print Template A page 6 times, leaving you with 36 template shapes. You can hand stitched or machine stitch them, for this pillow I hand-stitched the Epp. For more information oh how to attach together two templates, make sure to check this video.

Once you have all the eight shapes from Fabric A all cut and EPPed, you will have to attached them as explained below.

With the first part completed, now it is time to attached the second part. Get the sixteen (16) shapes of Fabric B and attach them as shown below and set aside.

Now get the eight (8) shapes of Fabric C and hand-stitch them as explained in the picture below. You will have your pillow center piece completed.
For more information about EPP, make sure to check my YouTube Channel.

Paper Piecing Corners
Get the Fat Eights of Fabric D, E, and F which will used for the paper piecing corners.
Paper piecing is a very a bit complicated to explain but super easy once mastered. I have a detailed tutorial HEREwhere you can learn how to do Paper Piecing.

You will create 4 paper piecing corners for the pillow.

 Attaching Pieces Together 

Get the one (1) 9 3/4'' by 5 1/2''  piece of Fabric F  and begin attaching it with two of the recently created paper piecing  blocks. Remember to redirect the direction of the paper pieced block, as explained below.

Do this same procedure with the last piece of Fabric F

Lastly, let's attach the last two completed pieces to the one (1) 10 3/4'' by 13 1/2'' piece of Fabric F

 Attaching The EPP

For this step, you can either hand-stitch it or machine stitch. I machine stitch the outline of the EPP twice as show below.

 And voila!! You have succesfully completed the Ansel Pillow that will gift you home decore with  a bohemian touch!