Saturday, June 17, 2017

Avery Pillow Instructions

Hello everyone!! 

How amazing is the Indie Boheme LookBook. It's just like a Bohemian magazine where you can find all your quilting and sewing needs. Today I am going to share with you the Avery Pillow Instructions. For some of you avid sewers, the instructions for this pillow is super easy. But for my beginner sewers, here's the step by step instructions. It is super easy and fun! Enjoy

Here's what you will need:
  1. Fat Eight of IBH-74202
  2. 1/4'' yard of PE-432
  3. 1/4'' yard of batting 
Cutting Instructions  (seam allowance included 1/4)

  1. Cut (2) two 3 3/4'' by 16'' of IBH-74202 (when cutting this fabric, make sure to fussy cut the flowers part of the fabric)
  2. Cut (1) one 16'' by 10'' of PE-432
  3. Cut (2) two 16'' by 9.5 of PE-432
  4. Cut (1) one 16'' by 10'' of Batting 

Step 1 

Take the two 3 3/4'' by 16'' pieces of IBH-74202 and the 16'' by 10'' of PE-432. Place them as explained below.

Pin each piece in place and begin stitching. In my case, I decided to add hand stitches at the top and bottom of my pillow as shown below ☺ If you want to quilt, stitch or add embroidery to your pillow, always add batting. I created a simple yet elegant quilting on the negative space of the fabric and for this a used the 16'' by 10'' of Batting. If desired, you can use double batting as well.

 Step 2- Backing 

Once these the previous step is completed, get the fold the two 16'' by 9.5 of PE-432 and fold the top edges under by 1 inch and iron press. This will prevent them from unraveling over time. After this, if desire, straight stitch the folded edge.
Now it is time to add the front and back of the pillow together. Start by laying the front piece of the pillow with the right side facing up and place the back panels on top with right side facing down. Pin all the pieces together and sew around with an 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Fold it over and you will have your Avery Pillow with a secret overlapping opening on the back where you insert your pillow body! How easy and fun was this??