Monday, July 24, 2017

EPP Party Week 13 Chrysanthemum

Hello Epp Party goers!

How's everyone enjoying the party? I know I am  having a wonderful time creating each and every single Epp Block. But, what makes me really happy is seeing all the stunning blocks created by all of you awesome party goers. I know, I know "Pat you said that before!" But it is true, seeing your projects is by far the best part of this party.
Well, I will stop my rumbling and here it is my Block #7 Chrysanthemum.

Here are the templates!

Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4
Template 5  
Let's Talk About Prizes
This week's prizes come from Thread Cutterz How awesome is that, you can win 5 of these cool thread cutters!


And of course this week's is my turn to curate a bundle for the future Block #7 winner! Remember, keep posting your WIP on the Epp Party hashtag (#EppParty) for a chance to win these two prizes!

And speaking of winners, last's weeks winner is Deb Roberston congratulations!!! You are going to love your little bundle of fabric love!

Well people, let's get this week's party going....ready, set, PARTY!


Pat B.


  1. Just a note to say your Chrysanthemum block is lovely. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Is there a way to get the templates for the last blocks all at the same time like you did with the first half? It was much easier for me to cut all my templates out at the same time than to have to do it over again every other week. Thanks! I'm having so much fun!

    1. You can purchase them at Paper Pieces

  3. I love this! Somehow I am getting a hexagon when I click on Template 1, but it looks like an octagon in the picture. Really looking forward to working on this one.

    1. Hi Sherry, you are getting an octagon on the template, the only difference is that is placed differently (for design purposes) that on the picture, both the picture and template have 8 vertices, hope this helps!

    2. Duh! I promise I can count. Really...I can...most of the time!

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