Monday, August 7, 2017

EPP Party Week 15 Anana

Hello hello!!!

I can't believe we are in week 15 already! Time surely goes by fast when you are having the greatest of time. I cannot express enough how happy I am to see all the amazing blocks shared on social media, this puts a massive smile of my face! Thank you, thank you! Well, I won't keep you waiting any more and here it is Block #8 "Anana"

Here are the templates

Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4
Template 5
Template 6
Template 7
Template 8
Template 9
Template 10

TIP: A little tip when printing the templates. Always make sure to select "Actual Size" that way you will have the correct sizing of the templates. 

Little Explanation of How to Arrange The Templates

For faster Epping...(it's a word, I just invented it!) make sure to number each template as numbered above. Example: Template 1 (square) I numbered it "1", Template 2 (small triangle) I numbered it "2" and so on, easy! You can see the picture below for further understanding. 

Let's Talk About Prizes 

This week's prize come from  Indigo Junction, how awesome!!

And of course! Mister Domestic has the greatest curated bundle for all of you! I mean....the colors on these fabrics, come one! Pure color love!! Make sure to share your WIP on the Epp Party Hashtag (#EppParty) for a chance to win!

For this week, the lucky winner is Amber Frank Congratulations!!!


Pat B.



  1. The EPP Party has been great fun. Can you pleased post the piece number to the template? Thank you!!

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