Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love Notes for you

Hello loves!
So happy to be talking with you again. After reading your comments on my latest post, I don't have enough words to thank you all the outpouring of love you sent me!! You are so nice... thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

It has been a crazy week here! I've been working on some other juicy posts I'll share with you with my experiences in Paris and London. This year I was very blessed traveling to Europe twice, and I was saying to Walter how much I'd have loved you could come with me and see all the beauty there! But don't worry, I'll try to show you as much as I can :)
On quilting news, I love some projects that I'm working on... my projects... for my blog :) I can't wait because I love making stuff!

Since I love scarves, I thought you maybe needing quick projects for Christmas, so I decided to make the cute and oh-so-easy "Love Notes" for you. Because this is its name, lol! 

They are really flattering and, depending on the fabric, they can match any outfit on your wardrobe. Now, for the fun part, is to choose the fabric! You can make Love Notes in quilting cotton weight like me  -Miami weather, I need lighter ones :) If you live up north, you can use one layer of cotton and the other one of flannel. This is a great excersise for the brain, like I like to call it... decisions, decisions!
Finished size: 11¼" × 76"

Do you want to make it along with me? Lets's start!
You will need:
  • 1½ yds of the fabric of choice
  • 19" elastic band (1/8" thick) Cut in half
  • Turning Tool
  • Hand Sewing Needle

Step 1. Cut the scarf fabric
Sew all right sides together with ¼" seam allowance. Press open.
  • Cut 2 (two) 24” x WOF rectangles from fabric selected
  • Place one rectangle on top of the other and fold them in half lengthwise.
  • Make a mark 10” from the corner inward on the unfolded side.
10” from the corner inward

Step 2. Attach pieces at center back
  • Attach them the two pieces of fabric crossgrain wise on the straight edge, making sure that the pointed corners (created on Step) are facing outward. This creates the center back of the scarf. 
  • Press the seam open.

 Step 3. Close the curved seam 
  • Now that you have only one continuous piece, the next step is to fold it in half lengthwise (right sides facing each other).
  • Pin and sew along the open edges. Start on the straight side about 2 inches before the center back seam (back-stitch). Sew all around the piece pivoting at the corners with the needle down. Stop 3” (back-stitching here too) from the starting point. Leaving this opening will allow turning later in the process.
  • Make small cuts (clips) along the curved edges being careful not to cut through through the seam. This releases some of the tension created when sewing a curve. Press the whole piece.

 Step 4. Attach elastic band to fabric
  • Take one of the 9½" elastic bands and sew it on one of the curved seams. At this point the scarf is still inside out. Make sure to pull the elastic as you sew so that when stretched, the elastic reaches from corner to corner. Back stitch at both ends, and if in any case you should stop, make sure that the needle stays down and through the elastic.
  • As you sew the elastic on, it will begin to gather with the fabric. Make sure to stabilize the fabric in the back while still pulling the elastic in the front.
  •  When you are done trim the excess fabric to reduce volume (optional).
  •  Repeat the previous step on the other curved side of the scarf.
Step 5. Turn and gather
  • The next step is to turn the scarf inside out with a turning tool.
  • Place the turning tool on one corner of the scarf, and push it until it goes all the way through the 3” opening you left on step 3.
  • Repeat the previous step with the other corner so that the right side of the fabric is completely out. Make sure to push the turning tool well at the corners so that they are completely turned toward the right side. Press well.
  • To create further volume in the scarf ends, you will make long stitches along the elastic seam using a hand needle.
Elastic Seam
  • Start on one side at the tip of the scarf with a single-threaded needle, using a thread that blends with the fabric.
  • Create a long stitch (about 1") in between both layers of fabric. Do NOT go through the back of the fabric.
  • Pull the needle so that it is facing you, and when you create the next stitch (on the outside) take care to see that it is a short one (about 1/8”). Continue making one long stitch inside and one short stitch outside. Keeping all the long stitches hidden in between fabrics, and until your reach the same level of the elastic.
  • Once you reach the elastic level, pull the thread gently in order for it to further gather the fabric.
  • While holding the gathered fabric, finish the stitch by looping the thread so that it stays in place.
  • The finished gathered ends look like this:

Step 6. Finishing the scarf
  • To finish, close the 3” opening with a hand sewing needle creating an invisible stitch*. No stitches should show on the right side. Press well.

Did you have fun? It's really easy! They are great gifts for your children' teacher -well, not for mine, since he is 23 lol! For friends and coworkers, they're also so cute to give. I am making some for the ladies that work at my local post office. I'm sure they will be so happy!

I want to thank my sweet Priscilla who helped me on some of the photos :)

If you want to have a free pdf file instead, you can download the Love Notes Scarf pattern here, along with various other sewing projects.

Have fun and happy sewing :)


  1. Adorable scarf!! I'm going to have to make one soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Maureen, thanks so much... they are so fast, you there you have quick gifts to make this season that is very busy for you with the moving :) Love you!

  3. Beautiful scarf! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    1. I hope you can use it to make many gifts for Christmas! :)

  4. It looks amazing!!!LOVE it so much!!!:)xxx

  5. I love it! I already have some of your beautiful fabric just for this. Thank you.

    1. That's great! Hope you can make many in different prints. What a great opportunity to use them :)