Monday, January 28, 2013

Using Decorative Stitches in Modern Quilting Pt. 3

Happy Monday my loves! First of all, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful comments you made about my Bernina dream coming true! I can truly say that you are all the absolute best and I'm happy I was able to share that special moment in my life with you.

Now, I know it's been a while since I've written. As you can see, I've started my own little color inspirations to add a bit of brightness to your day with love from me. So today, I'm going to continue my four part tutorial on how to use decorative stitches in modern quilting and hide your stitches by hand. We've already explored how to create an intriguing quilt block by using solids and explored the many decorative stitches out there that can give your quilt a different look.

So let's begin...
The Blanket Stitch on this block creates a visual interest that is both daring and modern. Its linear structure appeals to the absolute modernist some quilters have inside.
Taking the last block further, I chose to use the Double Blanket Stitch, but this time I placed it on a completely new palette of Pure Elements to demonstrate how simple alterations to an idea can create a whole different mood on a quilting block.
I call this our Variation Fancy X- Hemstitch. The combination of what is considered a traditional stitch plus the modernity of the colors chosen for this block make it the perfect match between classic and contemporary.
Last but not least, in order to add a sweeter touch for all the hopeless romantics out there, I decided to create a what-other-than pink block with the Blanket X-Cross Stitch. Did you notice how all the X’s symbolize kisses? The combination of the traditional straight stitch with the “x-kisses” carries the modern element while keeping the essence of this quilt close to the heart.

Now that all the blocks are done, I will demonstrate how to hide those loose threads for a crisp finish on your blocks:

For this, you will need a hand-sewing needle:
  1. Grab the loose end and thread the hand-sewing needle with it.
  2. Pass the threaded needle through the last whole that was created when making the decorative stitch with the machine needle, making sure NOT to go through the batting but rather assuring to hide the thread in between the fabric and the batting. This applies for both the front of the block and the backing.
  3. Pull gently to obtain a smooth surface and voila! Trick accomplished.
  4. Hopefully you loved this post and I was able to open a little window of love from you toward the sometimes forgotten buttons on your machine. Experimenting with combinations of different fabrics and different stitches can immerse you in a whole new world of quilting, where the rules and styles are created as you go. 
Enjoy and explore!


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