Friday, February 8, 2013

Be My Valentine Kitchen Towels - a Bernina project

Hi everyone! Finally the time has come to share my first BERNINA project: Be My Valentine Kitchen Towels!

To work for a sewing machine company is a dream come true for me! Not to mention that I'm working with one machine like no other: the new BERNINA 780. Should it be to obvious to put this into perspective and tell you that is like driving a Ferrari? Well, kind of this... lol!

It is so fun to do something that you love like sewing and then make it double fun when sewing in a machine that has so many features. I want to tell you everything about it and don't know where to start!

What's not to love about her... but one of the first things that caught my eye is the new dual feed system that will make us quilter our job much easier (more of that on another post). The other is the zillions of decorative stiches that are loaded inside. I was always a big fan of decorative stitches, because you can create textured fabric in a 1-2-3! You can maximize this having a 9 millimeter stitch width and the freedom of regulating the length. It's like you having many stitch choices coming from the original :) How cool is that!

For my first project, having Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to create a cute and fun project for your home for this sweet day that celebrates love and happiness. This duo kitchen towel project is perfect to enjoy a romantic dinner with your husband, giving them to your loving mother or a great friend as a gift! Working with appliqué let me explore different decorative stitches that the 780 had to offer.

This baby glides over the fabric when stitching dense and intricate stitches. It's like spreading butter over warm bread! Why this machine is so stable when it's sewing time? The all-metal, one-piece presser feet makes all the difference for me... Those who own a BERNINA know what I'm talking about. It was pure sewing pleasure :-)

Check out my tutorial on the WeAllSew blog where I give my tips and tricks on perfect appliquéing and how to create various looks with just rotating the stitching direction!

Enjoy and have fun creating :)

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    1. Hi Shannon, I love to do all kind of fun projects!

  2. They are gorgeous!!!Have a wonderful Valentines!!!

    1. You too Katarina, thank you for commenting :)

  3. I have never thought to add decorative stitching to my applique. Adorable!!

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my place... Does your machine have decorative stitches? If it has, you will see a new world of sewing projects opening for you!!