Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carnaby Street Style

Hi everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! I was working on an album with some juicy pics for Facebook in anticipation of the debut of my new line. And.... the moment has come! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, like I'm about to show my first line ever. There is no remedy for me :) Every time I introduce a new collection I always have butterflies in my stomach, thinking if you are going to love it as much as I do :) Each collection of mine comes from a feeling that moves me very deeply inside and this time is not an exception!

It's my pleasure to introduce to you: CARNABY STREET!!

Remember I was traveling to London this past June? I came back with so many ideas! What's not to love about British cultureEverywhere I looked, I couldn't find anything I didn't immediately fall in love with! 
My Boho Dress pattern made in several prints of the collection
During my time there, I decided to visit the infamous Carnaby Street. I wanted to visit the place where the British fashion culture of the 60s changed the whole fashion world forever. 

Take a look at my collection video for Carnaby Street, where flower power, love, and peace reign free! A big thanks to the best team in the world that helped my dream become a reality with this video :):)
I recommend you watch this in full screen!

When you walk down Carnaby St., you get the sense.. the feel.. the importance of the influence of the British culture and how it revolutionized fashion, music and many more aspects of our society. 
Brit Boutique Radiant shown here on these palazzo pants

It was truly inspirational place and an opportunity to design that should not be missed. The minute I came back, I began gathering as much material and inspiration of the Swinging London movement as I could find. I found so much material, with such a brightness and boldness in color, that I just had to design!

Think flower power and fashion! Groovy blooms and strong geometrics are the signature of this colorful line!

Carnaby Street comes in two vibrant color ways: Rad Love and Cool Peace!

Rad Love is full of bright citrus greens and lush raspberry pinks. With subtle hints of tender green and deep tones of royal blue, what's not to love about Rad Love!

Cool Peace is all about minty greens and dusty rose. With its bright touches of citrus green and dark hints of navy blue, enjoy the freshness and boldness of this chill palette.

One of my favorite prints in this collection is Psychedelia Gold and Peridot! This fabric is a combination of an overall print and bands that you can cut and use in many different ways. Here are some creative ideas.

This collection inspired me so much, that I practically couldn't stop sewing! I made groovy coasters, gorgeous FLOWER POWER pillows, and even a reversible table runner! Do I sense a few FREE patterns coming along?! I'm sure you'll love what I have lined up for you in the coming months!

Carnaby Street is perfect for combining with all the Elements that AGF has to offer!

If you want to thrown in some solids to the mix, here is a list of Pure Elements that go great with Carnaby Street:
PE-437 London Red, 405 Cherry Lipgloss, 439 Raspberry Rose, 411 Quartz Pink, 409 Light Citron, 416 Lemonade, 417 Emerald, 406 Burnt Orange, 407 Empire Yellow, 408 White Linen, 412 Tender Green, 424 Mirage Blue, 415 Parisian Blue, and 428 Nocturnal.

And here is a list of Oval Elements that are just waiting to be combined with Carnaby:
OE-913 Cranberry, 910 Sweet Pea, 928 Tangerine Tango, 901 Papaya Orange, 911 Golden, 900 Peacock. 918 Blue Lagoon, 932 Sapphire, 914 Emerald Coast, and 909 Key Lime.

And what's even better is that I have matching threads to go along with this collection! I've had the pleasure of working with Aurifil and coming out with my own thread collection!

The Bold Beauty Box is perfect if you're head over heels with the Rad Love palette! Great for quilting and sewing, this little case is all you'll need to start sewing those groovy projects!

The Eye Candy Box is wondrous when working with the soft jeweled tones of the Cool Peace palette!

Now... for my favorite part of this post! Here is Carnaby's FREE quilt pattern, London's Calling!

You can download the instructions here! It's a super easy, super fun project that you can make over the weekend!

Hope you like my new line and you can get you stitching with all these inspirational images :)
Stay tuned for some more inspirational posts on fashion and home decor featuring Carnaby!


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  1. Fabulous job yet again! I can't wait to sew with it.

  2. Oh, can't wait to get my hands on the Carnaby street!!!Looks perfect!Seems that the girls had so much fun:)

  3. This is another beautiful one Pat! Just saw that Intrepid Thread already have some - yay! Off to plan some flower-power quilt just for me! ;)

  4. BEAUTIFUL, as usual! Next you need to come to San Francisco for a different layer of sixties inspiration!

  5. So fabulous!!!!! Love the video and all the projects look gorgeous! Great job you guys! I have already started sewing with mine and love it!

  6. How awesome! I really love that your ladies are dressed so beautifully in clothes made from your fabrics and not just one size. Being a little larger it is wonderful to see gorgeous designs that would fit me! How exciting this line is already a hit!

  7. What pattern did you use for the pants and shorts? They are so cute!

  8. I love your collection and want to make one of those tunics. Where can I find the pattern? Thank you!