Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Valentine's Day Gift ♥

Hello lovelies!

I am very thrilled to finally show you what I had been creating for Valentine's Day!!.......Surprise, surprise! With Valentine's day a couple of days away, I wanted to surprise you all with these downloadable ♥Valentine's day Cards♥. Featuring Etno and Dreaming in French, these cards will be a perfect add on to your Valentine's day gift☺

Make these cards a bit more original by adorably tying them with a hemp string and adding a fabric heart on the back. In this case, I used Looming Love Pastel. 

I wanted to create a different type of Valentine's Day card...make it a bit more original and unique. Therefore,  I have created five different designs to fit everyone's style.....or you can just use them all☺

Download your favorite and make that special someone extra special. Downloadable links for each card are provided below.

1. Dreams of Amina/Stitched Anthimania Luster
2. Cubist Perception/ Sauvage Sky Artic
3. Pink Coquette/ Fresh Romance

Have fun this Valentine's Day ♥! And enjoy this day with your significant other.



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