Monday, February 16, 2015

Presser Foot of The Day

Hello fabric lovers!

As you all know, I am a BERNINA ambassador, and I simply adore the machine. Sewing with a BERNINA is like heaven. Everything in this machine is top of the line and its perfect for quilters and everyday sewers. BERNINA sewing machine has many qualities which among them is its countless presser feet. Each of them having a specific and unique roll. Today's presser foot is Patchwork Foot #37.

Because it is designed for straight stitching, foot #37 is perfect for sewing 1/4'' or 1/8'' (3 or 6 mm) seam allowances. Also, foot #37 has three evenly spaced markings, 1/4'' apart, on its side which makes the square insertion of piecing easier. Patchwork foot #37 is your partner in crime when it comes to patchwork and precision stitching techniques. 
For more information, click on the video below. BERNINA provides a presser-feet online tutorial which features patchwork foo t#37 

I hope you all enjoyed my BERNINA tip of the day, more of them coming soon! 



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