Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Downloadable Cards ♥

Greetings everyone!

Christmas it's just around the corner you guys! Aren't you all excited? The holiday spirit is seen everywhere now, from social media to shopping malls, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year☺ Like I promised, I will be posting tips and ideas throughout the month of December. I know some of you are getting ready for that special evening, and I want to make your life a bit easier. I created lovely Happy Holiday cards and gift tags for all of you to download.

Some of you have been requesting me to make some holidays cards and gift tags so here you go.  I created these tags with Dare Fabrics and Essentials II. So make sure to download you favorite, print it and personalize it for that special someone in this holidays!

Click on the links below to download.
*For personal use only 

Gift Tag 1
Gift Tag 2
Gift Tag 3
Gift Tag 4
Gift Tag 5
Gift Tag 6
Gift Tag All 
Holiday Cards 1
Holiday Cards 2
Holiday Cards 3

I hope you enjoy these holiday/gift cards  and put them into good use. I still have a couple of more things to share with all of you so stay tuned.


Pat B. 


  1. These are lovely! Thanks for crafting and sharing. I'm just curious, what kind of paper to use with these? Thanks!

    1. Hi Swedish Scrapper, you can use card-stock, that's the paper I use for all my cards :)