Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Essentials II LookBook Released!

So, so happy!

I had so much fun creating these adorable projects for Essentials II! I hardly had time to sleep, but when you do what you love.......everything is worth it. This collection has three tonal color stories with my signature fresh, bright tones, and trendy patterns that range from innovative textures to graphic florals. Art Gallery Fabrics just released the Lookbook for my collection and it’s filled with so many inspirational FREE projects. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

I’m currently obsessed with "Mini Quilts." They are the cutest! I just had to make some for my lookbook! What do you think? I am in love with these beauties because they are the perfect home décor accessory.

But my true love is The A Surge quilt. You all know due to my constant IG posts, of this stunner. This quilt is a spectacle for any quilt lover! Make sure to check my Crafty shop when you can get your hands on this cutie's instructions.

Essentials II is all you need for spring, the hues, shapes and designs fit perfectly with the season. Can you imagine your dinner table ready for spring? I know I can. These placemats are a great way to add personality to the dinner table and will be perfect for Easter Sunday as well!

I am so thankful to see all the projects you have been sharing on Instagram, it truly motivates me to continue creating for all of you! What a great way to start spring than with Essentials II? Make sure to check out my Pinterest board with many projects ideas and more ☺

Happy sewing!

Pat B.