Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Presser Foot of the Month: Automatic Buttonhole Foot with Slide

Hello lovely makers! 

On this Presser Foot of the month segment, I want to talk about BERNINA's Buttonhole foot with slide #3A. I use this foot for a lot of things not only for buttonhole on shirts, pants or skirts. Some of my drawstring and laundry bags have buttonholes for closure and this feet has become my best friend for this sort of projects.

The good thing about this foot is that you can sew as many buttonholes of the exact same length as you want. Also, it has a sensor that determines the buttonhole length and relays the dimensions to the sewing machine, how cool is that!  This gives you perfectly identical buttonholes to be sewn again, until you decide to change the size. 

Want to learn how to sew buttonholes? Check the video below for more and happy sewing. 


Pat B.

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