Monday, August 29, 2016

Presser Foot of the Month: Zipper Foot 4D

Hello makers! 

What a weekend! Filled with rain but happy that Gaston didn't reach Miami so bad. With that being said, for this Presser Foot of the Month segment I decided to go for the Zipper Foot 4D! Because it makes it super easy the work of inserting zippers. It's narrow and centrally placed toe permits this zipper foot to get closer to the zipper coils which allows to attach the fabric securely.

Due to it's narrow shape, the Zipper Foot 4D is also perfect for attaching pipping and snap tapes and also, edge stitching! How awesome is that! I used my zipper 4D for every project that requires zippers or pipping but never thought of the edge stitching.....I'm going to start implementing that as well! Love the Presser Foot of the Month segment because is a learning experience and it's never to late to learn!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this month segment of the Presser Foot of the Month! 


Pat B.

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